On-Campus Interviewing and Study Abroad

On-campus Interviewing Program

The career center hosts over 100 employers on campus each year to recruit for full-time and internship opportunities through the on-campus interview program. Full-time recruiting occurs primarily in the fall semester (September – November) and internship recruiting takes place mainly in the spring (January – April).

To participate in the on-campus interviewing program, you must be on campus during the semester in which interviews are conducted.

If you are a junior studying abroad in the fall

The majority of summer internship recruiting takes place beginning in January. Be prepared to start the process when you return to campus in the spring by doing the following:

  1. Attend an on-campus interviewing orientation session. This workshop is required before you can apply for on-campus interviewing positions in Hoya Career Connection. The schedule of sessions is available on the calendar tab in Hoya Career Connection. Because many on-campus interviewing application deadlines occur in the first few weeks of the semester, plan to attend a workshop before you go abroad or as soon as you return to campus in January.
  2. Participate in employer events. Employers host information sessions, office hours and workshops to engage  students and share information about their organizations and opportunities. Review the Hoya Career Connection calendar and RSVP to events you'd like to attend.
  3. Apply for on-campus interviewing positions in Hoya Career Connection. Many of the on-campus interviewing resume submission deadlines will take place during the first few weeks of the semester. Be sure you know how to find the opportunities and apply on Hoya Career Connection and on the company website (if you are asked to do both).
If you are a junior studying abroad in the spring

You will not be able to apply and participate formally in the on-campus interviewing program for internships. But you will still have the opportunity to secure a summer internship with employers who recruit on campus. To do so, you will need to plan ahead before you go abroad.

During the fall semester, we encourage you to connect with employers about your interest in summer internship opportunities and find out the appropriate way to apply for positions. The best time to talk to employers is often at their campus events during the fall semester. If you did not attend an information session in the fall, you can write to recruiters using the employer contact information in Hoya Career Connection, which you'll find under the employers tab.

Many firms set up special application procedures for students who will be studying abroad during the spring semester. Some employers will post special “Study Abroad” postings in Hoya Career Connection in mid-to-late fall to give you the opportunity to apply and potentially interview for summer internships before you go abroad in the spring. Keep an eye out for these opportunities in Hoya Career Connection or on employers' websites.

No matter what your circumstance, we encourage you to come to the career center and discuss your situation before you go abroad. We would be happy to help you devise a strategy for employer outreach to make sure that distance does not prevent you from pursuing the opportunities you want.

Finally, please remember that the on-campus interviewing program is just one of many ways to find full-time jobs and internships. New job postings are added to Hoya Career Connection on a daily basis, and you can access Hoya Career Connection from anywhere at any time.