Mission, Vision, and Values


The Georgetown University Cawley Career Education Center teaches students how to identify career opportunities that fit with their values, interests, personality, and skills. We empower students by providing resources designed to foster the development of career management skills that will serve them as competent professionals. We facilitate specialized programs and create relationships to connect students with employers and generate internship and full-time opportunities. The Cawley Career Education Center integrates the Jesuit tradition in its work with students by caring for and encouraging the development of the whole person.


The Cawley Career Education Center staff will be known as educators of Georgetown University students. We will provide innovative career services to equip students for lifelong career development and prepare them to make a difference in the world.


The staff of the Cawley Career Education Center aspires to demonstrate the following values through our work with students, employers, university personnel, alumni, and parents. These values will also guide the development of new programs, services, and strategic plans and serve as a framework as we hire new career center professionals.

  • Knowledge
  • Competence
  • Student-Centered Approach
  • Holistic View of Students
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Appreciation for Diversity
  • Compassion
  • Creativity
  • Respect for Jesuit Tradition