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April 19, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor:

With just three weeks to go until the end of class, I wanted to provide you all with some recruiting updates. Although there is always a significant decrease in the number of employer events after spring break, there are still quite a few events going on this week and next (check them out below!). However, how you engage with a firm is certainly not limited to the virtual events they put up on Handshake; it will take more effort on your end to proactively reach out and express your interest. With that being said, here are some things to keep in mind if you’re interested in the following industries:

Internships: It is absolutely not too late to start recruiting for finance! While a decent number of firms have already interviewed for their summer 2022 analyst cohort, plenty of middle market firms and bulge brackets either have live applications currently (Lazard, Jefferies, JP Morgan) and/or will go live later on this summer (Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, BoA, etc.). The best thing you can do is to reach out to alums and network; the goal of this process is to cultivate a relationship with someone who can be your champion within the firm. Remember it’s quality over quantity – a few people that feel strongly about your will go much further than many people that only feel lukewarm about you. Start by finding alumni within the firms you’re interested in on LinkedIn and HoyaGateway; make sure to include a note about why you’re contacting them and requesting a 15-minute informational interview when you connect with them. Given that some applications may not open until June/July, you still have a good chunk of time to invest in networking. Make sure your resume and cover letter are good to go when applications do go live, as many of them are rolling.

Full-time: If you’re aiming to apply and interview for a full-time role at a financial firm that you won’t be interning for, networking is going to be key for you as well. Although most firms seek to convert the majority of their intern class, they will inevitably have a handful of full-time analyst spots to fill by the time late August rolls around. Stay on the course to perform well in whatever your summer experience will be and make sure to network in June and July to express your interest in the firm and the division you’d like to join. Available full-time positions are not broadcasted like summer analyst roles, so networking is key in understanding which teams are hiring as well as the application/interview timelines to be aware of.

Consulting (internships & full-time): Recruiting for both internships and full-time positions kicks off in late August and takes place throughout fall semester. There is not much for you to do right now except to do your research and understand (1) what consulting is and (2) whether it’s something you’re interested in. Over the course of the summer, I encourage you to do a few things simultaneously: updating your resume/cover letter, networking with alumni, and practicing case interviews. You’ll want to work on the latter two tasks throughout June and July. 

I want to stress that you are not too late to successfully recruit in either of these industries, especially if you start now. There is still time. As always, feel free to make an appointment with me or one of our wonderful peer advisors if you’d like to talk anything through! 


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