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September 20, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

The State of Finance Recruiting

From a finance recruiting standpoint, we are in a time of transition. Juniors are still working their way through summer ’22 recruiting for full time and internship positions, while some banks are starting their outreach to sophomores for summer ’23. (No, not a typo. 2023.) 

But before any panic sets in, let’s review the current state of finance recruiting: what sophomores need to know for summer ’22 and summer ’23 recruiting and what juniors can look for for summer ’22.

For current sophomores interested in internships in the summer 2023:
Regardless of season, the general recruiting process for banking is to 1) attend information sessions, 2) apply to internship positions, and 3) participate in interviews. For summer of 2023 internships, we have asked banks to please wait until January of 2022 to begin this process. IN other words, we’ve asked them to refrain from recruiting this fall. For the most part, banks seem to be complying with this ask. However…

While you are mostly safe to assume that you can wait until spring semester before diving into the process, we recommend you keep an eye on Handshake and various bank websites to determine what is happening this fall that you can participate in. And by “keep an eye,” we mean checking company websites every couple of weeks and reading this newsletter each week. We will keep you informed of what we know. 

For juniors for summer 2022:
There are currently 300+ internship postings for banking posted in Handshake. Are they all at a bulge bracket in NYC? Perhaps not, but if you are open to smaller firms in NYC or larger firms in other cities, there are still may opportunities. But time is of the essence, so apply now!

To find these opportunities in Handshake, log in to Handshake (new window)–> click on “Jobs” –> click the “Internship” button. You should find a long list of opportunities.  

For current sophomores for summer 2022
In general, investment banking opportunities for current sophomores for next summer are the exception more than the rule. There are a few opportunities out there – check Handshake and bank websites for the latest. 

In short, if you are a sophomore, keep watching this space for the latest updates as we know them. Wondering who recruits at Georgetown? You can go to our First Destination Report (new window) to see where Hoyas before you have gone after graduation. 

Questions? Come to drop-in advising, Monday – Friday, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m., or email (new window)

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