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June 14, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor:

I hope you all have been able to fully rest since the semester (and school year) has ended! Whether you completed your final year at Georgetown or a full year of virtual school, it has undoubtedly been a demanding and trying time in many different ways. You deserve to rest and allow your mind, body, and soul to properly recuperate before entering into whatever’s next – an internship, a research project, a full-time job, etc.

There’s a few different things that I wanted to mention:

McKinsey and BCG are having multiple deadlines this year for full-time and internship roles; right now, they are the only two firms who are implementing this for the upcoming recruiting cycle (that we know of). Here are their deadlines:

  • McKinsey: July 19 and September 16 for both full-time and summer opportunities
  • BCG (new window)
    • Full-time: July 16 and September 8
    • Summer 2022: July 16, September 8, September 29

I have to stress to you all to apply by the date you feel most ready by. You do not gain an advantage just by applying to the earliest date; their recruiting team has factored in multiple deadlines into the process and do not have more open spots for one deadline over the other. Also note that if you find out after applying to the earlier deadline that you have not received an offer, you are not eligible to re-apply for later deadlines.

Second, I will be stepping down as the industry advisor for business, finance, and consulting in early July and transitioning into a new role involving outreach and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives at Cawley. It has been my great pleasure to serve as your advisor over these past two years and I count it an incredibly meaningful experience to have gotten to know many of you during our appointments. 

Don’t fret – Cawley will provide short-term coverage for anyone with industry-specific questions and needsPlease click through to this  (new window) (bookmark it!); it provides a list of resources you can utilize to navigate finance and consulting, as well as a list of alumni who have indicated their availability in helping out our students. On it, you can find previous workshops that detail both finance and consulting industry overviews and recruiting processes; I highly recommend that you watch the relevant workshop before signing up for an appointment.

I will continue to release Handshake appointments on a weekly basis; the last day I will have appointments available is Friday, July 2nd. I’m currently out on vacation but will resume one-on-one appointments on Monday, July 21st. Please be considerate of your peers and sign up for only one appointment; we can talk through setting up additional meetings if necessary. 

Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer in the meantime!


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