Business Newsletter: Internship Recruiting Kicks-Off This Week

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January 17, 2022 – Business: Upcoming Events, Opportunities, and Resources

Hi Hoyas, 

This week kicks-off Financial Services Recruiting for Sophomores. If you are interested in applying for internships within Asset Management, Equity Research, Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Commercial Banking, Private Equity, and/or Venture Capital, make sure you attend the Finance Networking Night on January 20th (1/20) and the subsequent firm-specific information session. Scroll down for upcoming Finance recruiting events

If you are a Freshmen or Sophomore interested in the Consulting Sector, several firms have leadership development programs with applications due within the next two months. For Juniors or Seniors looking for an internship/job in Consulting this Summer, many of the niche and boutique consulting firms still have open positions on Handshake. Scroll down for upcoming Consulting info sessions

Many Fortune 500 firms only beginning their internship and leadership-development recruiting now these roles are often open to Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors and help students build high-value business skills relevant to any sector.
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Hoya Saxa,

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Sophomore Finance Recruiting

Finance, unlike nearly all other sectors in the economy, really requires you to have an in-sector internship prior to applying for a full-time job Senior Year.

Finance also recruits for internships earlier than any other sector.
You apply and interview during your Sophomore Spring (2022) for internships that will occur the Summer after your Junior Year (2023) to hopefully secure full-time offers to start the Summer after your Senior Year (2024).

Read through the Finance Recruiting Prep Guide and Resource List here.

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