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February 1, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor:

Good morning everyone!

I wanted to give you an idea of the recruiting events that will be happening over the course of this semester. Although you’ll see a flurry of finance-related activity, there’s a decent amount going on in the consulting, marketing, and accounting spaces as well. Let me lay it out:

Finance: Sophomores, it’s your go-time. Between now and April, many banks and boutique firms will be holding firmwide sessions and other networking events to promote their Summer 2022 internship programs. Some of these will be open to a variety of schools while others will be specific to Georgetown – read the details to figure out which is which. Once we hit late February/early March, applications for internships will go live for a few firms; more applications will be released as the year goes on, all the way until July 2021. Buckle up and prepare for the marathon.

Consulting: The vast majority of recruiting for summer internships and full-time roles happened in the fall. However, this does not mean you cannot still land something in consulting! If you’re still interested and looking this semester, keep an eye out on Handshake for relevant events and workshops to attend; employers are definitely still wanting to engage with you all. For example, this week, AlphaSights (new window)Analysis Group (new window), and Charles River Associates (new window) are holding workshops. Don’t give up and keep networking!

Accounting: To the few but mighty accounting students – your time is now! While many accounting firms recruit in the fall, there’s a decent amount of recruiting activity spring semester at Georgetown. Big 4 firms like EY (new window) and KPMG (new window) will be holding networking events in the upcoming weeks. There are over 180 accounting internships (new window) across a wide variety of different firms that are currently available to you through Handshake. Go go go! 

Remember, every interaction you have with someone from a firm that you’re interested in is an opportunity for them to evaluate you, so always bring your A-game. Feel free to make an appointment through Handshake and/or reach out if you have any questions!


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