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January 25, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor:

Happy first day of spring semester! Hope you’re all gearing up and ready for another busy, virtual semester. This week, I want to encourage you to figure out what your game plan is for the semester. If you haven’t already, loosely lay out a plan; you don’t have to stick to it strictly, but it will absolutely help when everything in life (recruiting, academics, etc.) really gets going.

The reason why I’m pressing you all to consider this is because days are long, yet weeks are short. In the blink of an eye, we are now in 2021, and rapidly approaching the year mark of COVID19 impacting anything and everything in our lives. Making even a rough plan of what you’d like to accomplish month by month is going to help you hit your goals or at least provide direction, whether that’s in networking or applying to internships/jobs. Make this a lifelong habit of setting yourself up for success by doing some of the work now.

For those of you that are interested in finance, we’ll be holding our Recruiting Ramp-up series from Tuesday through Thursday this week. I highly encourage you to attend, as I will be covering topics like:

Finally, I’d like to introduce Alexa Huether and Sylvie Chen:

Alexa is a senior in the SFS studying International Economics and Spanish. She’ll be working at Jefferies after graduation in their Fixed Income Sales and Trading division.

Sylvie is a senior in the College studying Economics and Sociology. She’ll be working in Investment Banking at UBS after graduation.

Both are coming on board as peer advisors for finance and will be offering one-on-one appointments throughout the course of the semester, as well as finance technical mock interviews later on in March. I encourage you to make an appointment with them, especially as you’re exploring the realm of finance. For those of you interested in consulting, you can still make an appointment with me to discuss what to do next.

As always, feel free to drop a line if you have any questions!


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