Careers in Public Service: Early November Opportunities

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November 2, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor: Fall Days

Hey Hoyas. How are you all doing? I hope you had a fun weekend with Halloween festivities, and that you are all staying healthy. It is now November and I am asking myself one question as I reach for my daughter’s Halloween candy – how did that happen? My first few months have flown by in a hurry – and from what I gather from all of you, the same thing has happened. So… I bring you … a pretty photo from our newest national park: The New River Gorge (new window)
I’m getting a lot of students coming in to meet with me worried that they are behind the ball when it comes to applying for internships and jobs for the Summer (or even the Spring). Let me set the record straight. The recruitment schedule for many government, non-profit and education organizations is just beginning. As you will see in the newsletter, there are a lot of openings – right now! – for Spring 2022 internships. For those of you looking for summer/spring internships and even for things for next fall… you have time. There are always exceptions to the rule, which we’ve summarized in a cool document  (new window)that details some (but not all) of the most popular fellowship and internship opportunities in the Federal government. To stay abreast of the latest offerings, I’d recommend the following:

While it is true that some internships at firms, or certain government agencies will help your resume, what is more important is doing your job (whatever that is) to the best of your ability. If I had it my way, I would take a diligent worker who paid their way through school working in the restaurant industry over a slacker who happened to get a job at a fancy firm any day. And why is that? Easy – transferable skills and a positive attitude. Many potential employers look for diligence, dedication and a person who they would like to work with. In addition, employers are often more concerned with what you did, and how well you did it rather than for whom you worked. So anyway, take a deep breath, go for a walk, and know that you are not behind. 

Also, don’t forget to VOTE TODAY!


If you are serious about a career in politics, having a committed voter record is of supreme importance! Seriously, a lot of people in this city involved in politics/policy may check out your voting record to make sure you are an active participant in the political process. Not only that, but voting is a hard-fought right that many people take for granted, and that many people who serve our nation fight to defend. One simple thing you can do to change the world for the better starts today. Not sure if you are registered, or what may be on your ballot? Check out (new window), or League of Women Voters (new window).

Enjoy this gorgeous Fall weather we’re having and be sure to check out all the great opportunities, events and resources in the newsletter.


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Article of the Week

This week, it’s podcasts! While everyone has their own favorites, a few of mine that touch on career are the PCDN’s Social Change Career Podcast (new window), the Nat Sec Career Podcast (new window) for those of you interested in national security. I also have some “fun” ones I listen to, that includes Presidential (new window)How I Built This (new window), and the Transition Lab. (new window) Got any favorites? Lemme know! Do you run a podcast? Send it to me so I can feature it here, too! 

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