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October 5, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor: Hey Hoyas! Happy autumn! With the slowly changing leaves comes the lovely reality that school is in full swing. And to that end, Happy National Teachers’ Day! The past 18 months were really challenging for us all, but I must take my hat off to our educators – from preschool up to postgraduate degrees and beyond. 

Have you ever given thought to the fact that teaching is public service? I mean people don’t really go into the profession to get rich or make a profit. Instead, they do it to serve, to help others learn and to explore this vast and wonderful universe we inhabit. To that end, next week, we’re doing a number of events with The Centers for Social Justice’s Education for Liberation Week (new window). Be sure to check out all the great events. Also, next FRIDAY, we’re having a virtual career fair for those of you who may be thinking of doing something different post graduation: our Postgraduate Service Opportunities in Education Fair | October 15 | 10am-1:30pm | Register (new window)

Please review these instructions (new window) for how to sign up for sessions at the virtual Fair. To prepare, check-in with the Cawley Career Education Center during drop-in hours, Monday – Friday between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. via Zoom, or check out our guide on career fair prep in the resources section of Handshake. If you have any questions on the day of the Fair, you can speak to a Cawley staff member at this Zoom meeting (new window).

And now, a word on Ghosts – cuz it is the month of Halloween! I’ve noticed a bit of an uptick in no-shows for appointments and events. And I get it, it’s nearing Halloween, and ghosts are ‘in’ right now. But the reality is ghosting, in any context, just isn’t cool. Especially at work. In all the jobs I’ve had, there were very few things for which firing was automatic. Number one on that list was not showing up with no attempt to reach out. And I get it, life happens. I mean I see all the emails about COVID, norovirus and who knows what else. I, myself, had to cancel a few appointments last week due to illness so these things happen. All I’m asking is for just a quick email to say you can’t make it in ( We can switch to a virtual appointment or just cancel. You wouldn’t just not show up to work – so please just help a girl out and send a quick note if you can’t make it. 

That also goes for events you see on Handshake. Potential employers, alumni, guest speakers, and others who volunteer their time to engage with you all, but don’t have a lot of participation, rarely will return to help out again. I love that you are RSVPing for events, but please really think if you’ll be able to make it. And again, life happens! We know this – often a quick email is all that is needed. It also helps us plan ahead to create programming that is most relevant to y’all. 

Instead of group events, maybe you’re just craving the one on one support. And that’s great! Just a quick note that my appointments are filling up fast, and there may not always be as many appointment options as you’d like. But never fear!! Help is here!! Meet our new Government Industry Ambassador: Anya Howko-Johnson. She is a senior in the SFS studying International Politics with a concentration on International Law, Institutions, and Ethics and a minor in French. During her time at Georgetown, Anya has served as a Congressional Campaign intern, a Legislative Policy Intern for Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, and a research intern for the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor in the Office of European Affairs. Outside of school, Anya is the President of the Georgetown fencing team and enjoys creative writing for the Georgetown Anthem. Anya is excited to meet her fellow Hoyas interested in rewarding government work and help guide them through the exciting process of entering the government industry. She is a great resource if you are just starting out in your government career search, or if you’d like another set of eyes on your Federal resume, or want to know how to land a Hillternship. You can find her under appointments (new window) –> Industry Advising –> Government Peer Advisor. 

We also have a group of awesome students who are eager to share their own industry experiences. Meet the Student Industry Ambassadors (new window) & learn about their career journey! Find their name on the tab and register for a time HERE (new window). The SIA will reach out to you and schedule the call via Zoom. Can’t make it to drop-ins? Reach out to them online via the Cawley website (new window).

We also have a lot of fantastic events coming up – so be sure to read the entire newsletter. 


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Article of the Week

Are you wondering if your next federal internship or job will be in person or remote? Check out this article (new window) for some updates on Agency’s in-person plans. TL:DR – they won’t be onsite until January 2022, or later!

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