Careers in Public Service: Late October Opportunities

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October 20, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor: I take my hat off to you all!

Hey Hoyas. Sorry for the delay in this newsletter. The fact is that I’m out of the office this week on a new educational journey, myself. I’m in the newest cohort of Georgetown’s own Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching (new window) program. Like so many of you, I’m figuring out my way through canvas, reading in my ‘free time’ (whenever that is), and doing homework – in addition to my day job, which is serving you all. And my hope is that through the skills I learn in this course, I can do an even better job working with you all as you figure out the next step in life’s adventure. 

And, boy, I gotta say, I respect you all on a whole new level. Two days in to a full day of zoom lectures, breakout rooms, and assignments, and I honestly don’t know how you all did it the past two years. College, as I recall it, is hard enough. I always loved lectures, but doing them on a zoom screen with 30+ strangers in the gallery? Mmmm…. not my cup of tea. I found myself out for a run yesterday afternoon just to get some literal space between me and my computer screen. 

And that got me thinking. With the first round of midterms behind you, and the initial rush of some 2022 internship deadlines in your rearview mirror, take some time this week to do some self care. These days have been gorgeous, so take advantage of it. Go for a walk down the canal or across the Key Bridge to the Teddy Roosevelt Island. Rent a canoe or Kayak and paddle up and down the Potomac. Even go check out the memorials (at night they are gorgeous). The fact is we live in an amazing city, if you can take  moment to breathe and look around you. Don’t believe me? Check out this awesome shot I had of the moon last night over DC. 

And one last note, I know I said this in my last newsletter, but it bears repeating. As you check out all the awesome events we have on Handshake, please be sure that you understand that an RSVP to attend is not a signal of interest; it is a commitment to attend. In other words, let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no. 

An accurate projection of the number of students at an event helps both our employers/alumni and fellow Hoyas. If you can no longer make the event, that’s ok! Just change your registration for the event in Handshake, or email me or Life happens! We know this – often a quick email is all that is needed. It’s a good habit to build as you are beginning your career. 

Anyhoo – enjoy this gorgeous Fall weather we’re having and be sure to check out all the great opportunities, events and resources in the newsletter.


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Article of the Week

A career in public service doesn’t have to mean sacrificing a paycheck! You can now make up to $72,000 per year as a federal employee—while still in school. Read the article (new window) for a rundown of new federal regulations for hiring students, and see here (new window) for more on how the federal government is trying to attract young people to federal careers.

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