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September 21, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor: 
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Hey Hoyas! I hope you are settling into your life on campus, and enjoying seeing and meeting new friends. I know I’ve fielded a lot of great questions from many of you these past few weeks. But one thing has kept coming up: the worry that somehow, because of all the pandemic … stuff… that you are behind, or your future will suffer as a result. 

And while it isn’t quite the same, let me share a little of my own story with you. Last week, as we were all reflecting on 9/11, I found myself in a few interesting text chats with friends of mine from college. You see, I was a freshman on 9/11. So while I was in the midst of adapting to a new life situation (with all the stresses and joys as you are all experiencing) we had this national disaster that happened right in the middle of it. Going to classes, and learning about new topics and subjects all felt a bit surreal. We all knew that when 9/11 happened, we were seeing history happen. And in an instant, our world had changed even as life kept marching on. 

And such is the same with all of you – well, all of us. We are all coming out of (or perhaps are still in the middle of) a crazy 18 months where what plans we had were abruptly changed. Some of us may be able to go to the “before times’ and carry on – but for many of us the future has been inextricably changed. And that is ok. If nothing else, you’ve all learned the lesson that despite what plans you have set for yourself, life often has different plans. On the upside, though, is that the pandemic has likely given you a lot of skills that you can take into new workplaces: grit, determination, technical savvy (yaaay Zoom calls), determination, fortitude, etc. So now, when it comes time for that ever famous question, “So tell me about a challenge you overcame,” I’m sure you will all have a pretty good answer. 

What’s more is that we’re here to help you sort through what all this means for your future career plans. Yeah there may be some opportunities that are no longer an option through no fault of your own. But there are always options. Employers know this, too. No one is expecting you to have travelled in the past two years, or to have amazing in-person internship experiences. So take a deep breath, make an appointment, and we can chat about putting together plans for this semester, and this year. 

Speaking of appointments. I have exciting news! I have a new Government Peer Advisor, Anya, starting this week. She will be starting to see students next week. She is a great resource if you are just starting out in your government career search, or if you’d like another set of eyes on your Federal resume, or want to know how to land a Hillternship. You can find her under appointments (new window) –> Industry Advising –> Government Peer Advisor. 

We also have a lot of fantastic events coming up – so be sure to read the entire newsletter. 


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