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April 5, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

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Welcome back! Did you know that roughly 60% of seniors find their full-time job in the month of April and May of their senior year? So if you are just starting your job search now, you are not alone and, in fact, you are right on time.

It’s also this time of year when many seniors – and underclassmen looking for internships – start to panic and say to themselves, “I just need a job. Any job.” Many are happy to just work for any organization that will hire them. Many are willing to do just about any task just to get a foot in the door . . . and then figure out what the dream job is.

Unfortunately, most employers aren’t impressed by all that “willingness” and flexibility.

Employers and recruiters want you to make their job easy. This article explains how to make their job easy and land something you might just like. The TL;DR version? Have a good sense of your strengths and skills to figure out the best job within the organization that will allow you to flourish and contribute to the company’s mission and vision.

Need help figuring that out? Schedule a career exploration appointment in Handshake today. Or, if you know what industry you are interested in, schedule an appointment with an industry advisor. We can help you get going on your job search today!

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