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September 27, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

Interview Tips

As many of you have begun preparing for and entering into interviews, this week we will look at the three most common interview questions that you will face, regardless of the industry or company that you’re interested in, but particularly in consulting.  

  • Tell me about yourself / walk me through your resume.
    The answer to this question introduces your personal narrative to the interviewer, while also establishing your first impression and demonstrating your communication skills. Your answer should include components such as why you came to Georgetown, your concentration, and 3-5 experiences that you want to highlight, including relevant leadership-related activities as well as professional experiences. You should end with how you came to apply to the job you are currently interviewing for and how that will tie to your future goals. Learn more and watch a sample answer here.
  • Why are you interested in [insert industry here]?
    Tell the story of how you became interested in consulting. It could be a class you took, a friend/mentor that you talked with, a case competition, etc. Ultimately, share what awakened you to the potential of doing this job. You want to demonstrate understanding of what is expected of you as a consultant. Management Consulted, a firm that delivers training to students on how to get into Consulting, has an example here (Side note: they will visit Georgetown in the spring).
  • Why are you interested in our firm?
    There are many firms within a singular industry; this is your chance to highlight the amount of time you’ve invested in getting to know the firm. Do not regurgitate what you’ve read about the firm on their website. Instead work on building an emotional connection to the values of the firm. If you’ve had a conversation with someone in the firm through a coffee chat or informational interview, tell the interviewer why it was important. End with what skills you hope to bring to the firm. You can watch an example here.

These questions may not pop up in an interview 100% of the time, but they should be questions you’re ready to answer at a moment’s notice. Good luck in your preparation as well as your interviews!

PS – Management Consulted has a great YouTube channel with all sorts of helpful videos, including case interview prep and behavioral interview prep. And they are all free!

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