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September 13, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

This Week: Case Interview Prep

Dear Hoyas,

For those of you able to attend our case interview workshop last week, thank you! If you missed it, please know that we are here to help.

Here is a list of resources that can help you get prepared for case interviewing, a staple in the recruiting process.

And remember, it’s never too early to start preparing, even if you don’t have an interview lined up. Case interviewing takes practice, and lots of it!


  • A link to the workshop video of the event can be found here (new window) (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page)
  • A resource list, including industry basics, books that can  help with case interviewing, and other resources can be found here (new window).
  • Case Interview Practice (new window): We will be holding case interview practice sessions. The first will be next Wednesday, 8/15 from 5pm – 6pm in the Career Center (across from the bookstore). We will have a case and will walk through it, but you are welcome to just use the space to practice cases with others on your own.
  • Basics of Business Workshop – Tuesday, 9/14 at 5pm. (new window)
     Not sure what the difference between revenue and profit is? Never heard of the 4C’s? Then come to the Basics of Business Workshop. This is a no-judgement zone. No question is too small!
  • Make an appointment (new window) with Javi or Allie – our consulting Peer Career Advisors! You can make a one-on-one appointment with either Javi or Allie, the two seniors who led the session, to ask your own individual consulting questions. Appointments can be make on Handshake (new window): go to Career Center–> Appointments –> Schedule New –> Industry Advising –> Peer Advising – Consulting.

Finally, you are always welcome to come to a drop-in, Mondays-Fridays from 1pm – 3pm to have your resume or cover letter reviewed. 

No matter what your question is, we are here for you. If you have a question not answered here, email us at (new window)

Hoya Saxa!

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Article of the Week

How to Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills (and Show Them Off in Your Job Hunt) (new window)
From The Muse
Regardless of the industry that you’re interested in, problem-solving skills will be critical to have and to demonstrate in a resume, cover letter, and/or an interview. Although the term itself is quite broad, take a look through this article to determine how you can grow in this area.

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N (new window)ew drop-in hours for spring semester!
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