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February 2, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor: 

World just keeps on turning…
Hoyas keep on job-hunting. Hunting… hunting… hunting for an internship…
(Sung to the tune of Proud Mary (new window))

So the semester is off! No doubt after an extended break, you are all now getting back into the routine and rhythm of the new semester. In much the same way, hiring is off for many employers in the government, nonprofit and education industries. As always, I do my best to try to capture trends and issues that may be of interest to you all. 

The pandemic has brought challenges with recruitment…While most employers have been able to adjust to virtual recruitment just fine, there are a few organizations who cannot do remote recruitment. Especially in the defense and intelligence communities, some of my employers have shied away from recruitment activities using various digital platforms (you can thank certain unforeseen events (new window) for this – not the virus). To that end, please be sure to update your Handshake profiles to include all relevant information, including your work authorization. There are some events coming up very soon that will be sent only to those who are U.S. Citizens, as listed on your Handshake profile. 

But also new opportunities to showcase new skills. Don’t believe me, check out this article on some of the new skills that employers are looking for in 2021. Some may surprise you (new window)! In fact, during the past year, the government and education industries have seen a 30-35% increase in the amount of jobs available – especially at state and local levels. But still, things are looking promising for these industries. As always, pay attention to the news, and especially conversations about where the federal, state and local budget dollars are being spent. That can give you a hint as to what parts of an agency, or government, are, or will be, hiring. 

So what does this all mean?  If you haven’t already, now can be a great time to get back to the basics of job hunting. Below are a few things to be sure you do, if you haven’t already: 

Make it a habit to check Handshake. The more you interact, the better it gets. In fact, Handshake is running a promotion in January where you can win $50 for food delivery if you follow their prompts. Be on the lookout for for emails from them on ways to improve your profile and learn more here:

Also sign up for various listservs available on our website (just a few – there are many more): 

Check out the world of associations. Many of you may be aware of some orgs that your professors are a part of. But, as a colleague noted, “associations are a great place for you, too. Many of their resources – including job banks – are free.  That alone is reason enough to use them. Note! Often for a nominal fee, you can join as a student member which gives you access to the membership directory and a host of other benefits – including networking opportunities.”  

You can start with your area of study and look for the associations that align with that. I was an anthropology major, so I’ve been a member of a few related organizations for quite some time: the American Anthropological Association, and the Society for Applied Anthropologists, National Association for the Practice of Anthropology, and the Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists. Keep in mind, these are a sample of a few of the associations for just one type of college major. Ask your professors what associations they belong to, and look for their student rates. 

The next step would be to identify if there are any associations that work in issue areas you are passionate about. In DC, there are literally thousands of these organizations. I mean, there is even the Association for Jesuit Colleges and Universities (and they do often look for interns from Jesuit colleges). Beyond that, use Google to look up ‘associations for X, ‘ or, ‘top nonprofits for a career in Y.”  Do some research and see what are some organizations that interest you, that you could be a member of, and – chances are – many of these groups will be looking for students as interns or for entry level positions. 

In the meantime me, and my student advisor, Grace are always here to answer your questions. 


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