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May 5, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor: 

Hey Hoyas! It’s the home stretch – you have less than a week of classes left, and then you.are.done! Woo hoo! In the meantime, Grace and I are going to send a few more newsletters than normal. And why’s that, you ask? Well, it’s because there are so many upcoming opportunities that I want to make sure you are all aware of them. In the meantime, here are some fun tips (new window) on what skills employers are looking for – and quick hint: it’s not what you may think!

Are you looking for some inspiration as you sit down to study for finals? Do you need reminding why you are working as hard as you are to finish strong? Then be sure to check out Public Service Recognition Week!!

This annual event, taking place the first week of May, is a great time to learn more about all the great public servants, from federal to local government. Please be sure to check out this letter of support (new window) from 45 agency leaders, as well as a Senate (new window) and House (new window) resolutions, as well as a White House proclamation (new window)

Want to learn more about some amazing public servants? Yesterday, the Partnership for Public Service announced 29 finalists for the 2021 Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals (new window). The finalists were featured on CNN’s “New Day” (new window) program. Sound cool? Well, you can be part of the action and vote now (new window) for your favorite for the 2021 Sammies People’s Choice Award. Seriously, these people are amazing. And really my motivation for doing what I do – here’s hoping I see YOU on this list someday!

And last, just a quick reminder that I’ll still be offering one on one appointments over the summer. Cawley will also have virtual drop-ins (check this document for updated times (new window)). Please note that next week is a meeting-free week for the center as we take a breather and plan for the summer, so don’t fret if the next batch of appointments are closer to the end of the month! 

Until then, keep up with the good work and finish the semester strong!


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Article of the Week

Having trouble deciding whether or not to accept an offer while still waiting on others? Check out this article on LinkedIn, you may find it helpful in making your decision: Should you accept that not-so-perfect job?

Just as a quick reminder, reneging on a job is a definitne no-no, and we highly discourage any student from doing so. Curious why? Check out our primer here (new window)

Career Center Resources

Industry Advisor:
Beth Schill (new window) (new window)

Writing Resumes & Cover Letters (new window)
Networking Skills (new window)
Interviewing Skills (new window)
What Can I Do with My Georgetown Major? (new window)

Virtual Drop-Ins:
New drop-in hours for spring semester!
Drop-ins will now be available (new window) from 9-10AM Tuesday through Friday, 1-2PM Monday through Friday, and 7-8PM Monday through Thursday every week. 

Appointments: Virtual appointments are available via Handshake (new window). Sign up under ‘Career Center,’ then ‘Appointments’, then ‘Industry Advising,” then ‘Government, Nonprofit, and Education’.