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September 6, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor: Welcome Back!

Wow – it feels great to say that, and not have to provide any type of qualifier saying “Virtually!” Seriously, it is great to see your smiling faces… well… errr… perhaps just smiling eyes about campus. 

As we begin a new semester there are a few things that are important to note with regards to upcoming programming at the Cawley Center. The first is that all of our employer events will be virtual this semester. A lot of that reflects employer policies regarding in-person events, that, of course, keep changing as the pandemic situation changes. 

The second is that Cawley is operating in a hybrid model. We do have in person drop-ins every day from 1-3pm here at the Cawley Center. One on one appointments  will be virtual for the next week, or so, before we move to a 50/50 model. Not sure if your appointment is in person or virtual? Be sure to pay attention to which modality you select when making an appointment. 

The third is that there are still a lot of Fall internship opportunities. Also be sure to read the entire newsletter to check out some of the great employer and Cawley workshops coming up. And, of course, be sure to bookmark Handshake and view the events tab (new window) there on a regular basis. 

And finally – be sure to get on my text lists. Sometimes I find out about internships/jobs or information sessions at the last minute. To try to get those out to you, I’ve set up a few ‘classes’ on the Remind App. Find the group below and follow the prompts to sign up: 

Phew! That is a lot of information. Feel free to star this email so you can continue to refer to it throughout the semester. I look forward to working with you throughout the year!


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Article of the Week

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Virtual Drop-Ins:
New drop-in hours for spring semester!
Drop-ins will now be available (new window) from 9-10AM Tuesday through Friday, 1-2PM Monday through Friday, and 7-8PM Monday through Thursday every week. 

Appointments: Virtual appointments are available via Handshake (new window). Sign up under ‘Career Center,’ then ‘Appointments’, then ‘Industry Advising,” then ‘Government, Nonprofit, and Education’.