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May 15, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor: 
To my seniors…

Well, seniors, this is it! The moment you’ve been working for these past four or more years. I have to admit, I feel a special pride in all of you. We all started, in a way, as freshmen together on campus. My first day at Georgetown was September 1, 2017 – the Friday of your first week of classes. We’ve been through a lot together – trying to find places on campus, learning the ins and outs about when programming happens, getting used to a new environment, new friends (new coworkers for me), navigating the ups and downs of daily life, and now the craziness of the past year. It has been my honor and privilege to accompany many of you in those four years. 

What’s more is that you are graduating with incredible skills – some of which I bet you’d never gain when you were a freshman. Indeed the past year has presented some of you with life-altering situations. In addition to the many technical skills, and knowledge required for you to obtain your degree, the past year has provided so much. Resilience, flexibility, adaptability, courage in the face of adversity, and perhaps some creativity, and recognition of some skill you never knew you had… 

The fact is that while we may be getting to the other side of one crisis (a pandemic), it will not be the only time in your life where things are turned upside down. And while that is scary – it’s also ok. Because, Hoyas, 

And you have us! That’s right – here at the Career Center, we’re here for you. In fact for up to three years post-graduation, you have access to *almost* everything, including appointments, career fairs and some employer events. So whether you decide to go back for another degree, or maybe your dream job isn’t what you expected, feel free to look us up.

For everyone – same goes for you too. We are around this summer, so do not hesitate to reach out, make an appointment and come see us. 

Congratulations and Hoya Saxa!

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