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December 2, 2020 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources


As you go into winter break and think about your job search for summer 2021 internships or post-graduate employment, I want to share some hiring projections for you to help you strategize, and hopefully, increase your optimism.  While the college recruiting scene is not remarkable during this challenging time of COVID-19, I don’t believe it is bad as we all projected.  At the same time, recruiters have also stated they believe it will take many years to fully recover, so you will want to be strategic in your job and internship search.  Phil Gardner, PhD, with the Collegiate Employment Research Institute surveyed employers to understand the recruiting trends of 2020-2021. 
First, 2408 employers were asked about their recruitment plans and here are their responses.

  • 27%  have set preliminary hiring goals for new college graduates for this year
  • 27% have established firm hiring targets for new college graduates for this year
  • 37% have not committed or confirmed hiring goals for this year but will actively connect with college students who seek full-time employment
  • 66% are working closely with colleges to identify potential talent

Out of the above employers, only 1036 could share projections. Here are some highlights.

  • Hiring projections for bachelor’s degrees are down 1% from fall 2019 projections.
  • Bachelor’s hiring is mixed with some sectors expecting to hire more including Accommodations, Business, Professional & Scientific Services, Government (this may change with upcoming budgets), Nonprofits, and Retail. Other sectors appear to be lowering the number they will be hiring, including Agricultural Production and Services, Construction, Finance & Insurance, Health Care, and Manufacturing.
  • Companies with fewer than 99 employees, 500-1500 employees, and 25,000+ are poised to increase the hiring of bachelor’s degrees the most.
  • Only 10% ten percent of respondents indicated that they would not be recruiting any interns or co-ops this year with 27% delaying decisions until January and 49% planning to hire the same or increase the number of interns compared to last year. 

When reviewing our data at Cawley, we see that “on campus” interviewing remained the same this year from Fall 2019, employer information sessions dramatically increased, and job and internship postings slightly declined.  I don’t know about you, but I was expecting this to be a lot worse.  And yet, keep in mind, there is still a lot of uncertainty as many employers are still getting information about their budgets and setting hiring goals.  I encourage you all to expand your search to smaller, lesser-known companies, in more promising industries.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also shares careers with the most openings and fastest growth. Get a list of top companies hiring by top cities with LinkedIn’s economic graph.  Check out the top 500 companies hiring per Handshake sortable by Industry.  LinkedIn created a short report that shares the top 15 emerging jobs in 2020.  Spoiler alert: 14 of the 15 listed are tech-related!  AI and data science roles continue to proliferate across every industry and tech is taking over D.C.  
All the best,
Jodi Schneiderman
Assistant Director, Employer Relations and Industry Advising | Health, Science, and Technology

Upcoming Events

A Critical Evaluation of a “Single Issue” Health Care Advocacy Organization | TODAY | 12:00-1:30pm | RSVP (new window)
PNHP was founded in 1983 as a “single issue” organization of physicians who advocate for a Single Payer, Improved Medicare for All program of financing health care in the US. This seminar will look at their accomplishments and at the “opportunities for growth” that changing times demand.

Nurse and Nurse Tech Recruitment Information Sessions
DCHUX is seeking a qualified Pre-Op/PACU Nurse and Nurse Techs to administer diligent care to outpatients via monitoring, assessment, intervention, and continuous reassessment. Check out their info sessions!
TODAY | 5:30-6:00pm | RSVP (new window)
Dec 4 | 9:00-9:30am | RSVP (new window)

FPHLP Webinar: Program Overview | TODAY | 5:00pm | RSVP (new window)
If you graduate in December 2020 or in the spring of 2021, check out University of Michigan’s Future Public Health Leaders Program this summer. The ultimate goal of the program is to increase the diversity of the public health workforce and the people committed to reducing health disparities. 

Trailblazing Tech or Dodgy Device? The Future of Consumer Wearables | Dec 3 | 12:00-1:00pm | RSVP (new window)
This briefing will explore the rise of consumer wearables as increasingly prevalent tools in health care delivery and as part of patient care plans. Panelists will define the differences between an FDA-approved medical device and consumer technologies that measure health metrics, explore the implications of consumer technologies used in medical contexts, and discuss implications for access, affordability, reliability, and equity.  Panelists represent Avalere Health, IQVIA, Medicaid, and more.

The Promise of Tech to Support Our Older Adults | Dec 4 | 12:00-1:30pm | RSVP (new window)
There is enormous potential technology holds to help meet the needs of the nation’s growing older adult population. This talk will provide an overview of key demographic trends, discuss areas in which technology is playing a pivotal role in meeting the needs of older adults, and lastly providing perspective and a few examples of how the Federal Government is helping to support R&D innovation to improve quality of life and functional independence of older American’s.

Coronavirus Vaccine:  Addressing Challenges in Distribution and Uptake | Dec 4 | 12:00-1:00pm | RSVP (new window)

Join the Penn Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics panel of experts as they discuss key issues surrounding COVID-19 vaccine distribution and uptake. Following a short update on COVD-19 vaccine development, the panel will discuss the ethical and equity challenges in deciding who should receive a vaccine first, and how to overcome widespread vaccine hesitancy to stem the pandemic.

The Value of an MBA for STEM Majors | Dec 9 | 4:15pm-5:00pm | RSVP (new window)
Have you ever wondered what an MBA could do to help you accomplish your personal and professional goals? Join us to hear more about why an MBA degree can be of value to students from STEM majors.

Road Trips to the Real World | Jan 12-28 | RSVP (new window)
Road Trips to the Real World is an opportunity to learn about a career field, network with top employers, and explore internship and job opportunities. Employers include Drug Enforcement Administration, National Geographic Partners, Center for Strategic & International Studies, and Charles River Laboratories. Must register by Dec 31.

Jobs & Internships

Please note that this is a sampling of jobs and internships with approaching application deadlines. Go to Handshake to see the complete list.Part-Time Psychology Intern (new window)
Akoma Counseling Concepts, LLC | Apply by Dec 4

CDC Public Health Bioinformatics Intern (new window)
Oak Ridge Institute for Science & Education | Apply by Dec 10

Safety Attendant (new window)
Children’s National Hospital | Apply by Dec 18

Health HIV | Apply by Dec 31
Communications Intern
Education & Training Intern
LGBT Health Intern

Business Development Associate
Keva Health | Apply by Dec 31

Healthcare Policy Intern
Healthcare Leadership Council | Dec 31

Dermatology Cosmetic & Laser Surgery 
Dermatology Intern (new window) | Apply by Dec 31
Medical Scribe (new window) | Apply by Dec 31
Research Associate (new window) | Apply by Dec 31Medical Assistant (new window)
Forward | Apply by Dec 31

Kirstin’s Haven, Inc. | Apply by Dec 31
Health Home Assistant Intern (new window)
Public Relations Intern (new window)
Grant Writer Intern (new window)

Healthcare Innovation Internship (new window)
Ohana Health | Apply by Jan 1

Campus Ambassador Program Internship (new window)
Gift of Life Marrow Registry | Apply by Jan 15

Fellow (new window)
Global Health Corps | Apply by Jan 13

Research Immersion Program (new window)
Stanford CARE | Apply by Feb 5 

Church Scholars Gap Year Fellowships
Medical Clinic Assistant (new window) | Apply by Feb 27
Healthcare Admin. Scholar (new window) | Apply by Feb 27
Behavioral Health Scholar (new window) | Apply by March 1
Physical Rehab. Scholar (new window) | Apply by March 1

Georgetown Scientific Research Journal
Submissions Due:  Dec 5, 11:59pm

GSR Journal is the scientific journal for the Georgetown community. GSR Journal publishes academic level research within the Georgetown community in order to promote the scientific accomplishments of the student body, foster inclusion within the science community and interest. within research-based careers, encourage diversity within the research field, grant more visibility of student authorship, and increase awareness of groundbreaking. scientific discoveries within the community. showcasing a plethora of STEM topics and interests. See more (new window) for submissions and guidelines.

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