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April 22, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources


Waitlist Season: It’s the time of year when applicants have heard back from most or all of the schools that they’ve applied to.  This means that a large number of you are on the waitlists for schools that you’d very much like to attend.  I’d therefore like to share what I call the “Waitlist Two-Step” for handling this situation.  You guessed it, it consists of two steps.  First, upon being placed on a waitlist, applicants should shoot off a succinct letter of continuing interest (LOCI) to the school.  This should be a very short expression of your appreciation of still being under consideration and your desire to attend the school if admitted.  Perhaps note some specific aspects of the school that make you particularly interested in studying law there.  The reason this first LOCI is so short is because most schools will not look at the waitlist in terms of vetting potential admits until after the first deadline has passed for already-admitted students to submit their deposits.  It’s at this point that schools know how many slots they still have to fill for their incoming class.  Second, a few days after the aforementioned deposit deadline, shoot off another LOCI.  This one should again express appreciation and interest, but also include academic and professional updates (e.g., grades, students-group achievements, internship/job achievements, awards, etc.).  Try to keep a list of these sorts of updates so you have them ready for these types of letters.  This is because, from here on out, you want to send a LOCI about ever 2-3 weeks expressing appreciation, interest, and updates until something happens with your application (i.e., you’re accepted, rejected, or withdraw from consideration).  So use your best updates first, but try to keep one or more for subsequent letters.  This process will keep you fresh in admissions officers’ minds.  

Notre Dame Law: Recently, Notre Dame Law did something (new window) that I and many others consider highly unethical.  Upon apparently realizing that it had admitted more students than it wished, Notre Dame sent out a message saying that those admitted were not guaranteed a spot in the incoming class if they waited until the previously-communicated official deposit-submission deadline of April 15th to submit their deposits.  Rather, Notre Dame would only guarantee spots to those who submitted their deposits before an unstated number of spots were claimed.  Thus, the school engendered a race among admitted students to submit their deposits before one another and before what had been communicated as the official deposit deadline.  This is a betrayal of applicants’ trust, potentially sabotages applicants’ plans for hearing back from other schools and choosing among their options, and disparately disadvantages applicants who cannot easily pay Notre Dame’s deposit to keep their seat while considering other schools.  I’m interested in who among you were impacted by this behavior.  Please reach out to me if you applied to Notre Dame Law and were subject to the school’s actions and let me know how you were affected.   

Law School Scholarship Database: AccessLex Institute, the largest nonprofit in the country dedicated to the advancement of legal education, has compiled a great resource for law school aspirants.  The organization has collected roughly 800 law school scholarship opportunities in one searchable location (new window).  Take advantage of this database!  

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