Seniors — You Got This

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March 31, 2020

Dear Seniors,

By now, we hope you are settled into your new (or old) digs and are in your routine. It’s all topsy-turvy right now, but we just wanted to say, 

Cartoon bowl of peppermints, with one peppermint saying to the others, "You got this!"

We know you are still getting settled into this new normal and it’s okay to take a break from thinking about career stuff as you adjust to wherever you’ve landed. When you’re ready, here are a few things to keep in mind and do as you balance the job, fellowship, or grad school search with everything else going on.  

To keep in mind

  • Fact — 600+ jobs have been posted since Monday, March 23. Many of them are virtual. Need help setting up your search filters? See this week’s newsletter (new window).
  • Fact — Things will continue to change; see below for ways to learn the latest from our team and the Hoya community.
  • Fact — While you may need to be more flexible than you anticipated with job title, location, or another aspect of work, you can still move forward intentionally. Take time to clarify what is most important to you (new window) and choose one of the action steps below to get started.

To do — Take a look at the list below and pick one thing to do this week:

  1. Get perspective from others. Connecting with recent grads and alumni in fields of interest will give you a more accurate perspective than what you’ve got right now.
     –  Hoya Gateway (new window) is a database of alums who represent a variety of industries and are eager to share their story and advice.
     – Industry newsletters (new window) will feature updates on recruiting activity, alumni perspectives, and virtual opportunities to connect with alumni and employers in the following fields: Creative: Arts, Media, & Communication; Government, Non-profit, & Education; Health, Science, & Technology; Law; Business & Finance; Consulting
  2. Get on Handshake (new window). Really. Make your account (new window) (if you haven’t done so already) and spend 20 minutes clicking around. The events tab will give you a run-down of what’s going on and when. The appointments tab will let you sign up for individual appointments. We are also offering drop-ins via Zoom (new window), Monday through Friday, 1 — 3 p.m. Wayfinders are offering drop-ins via the same Zoom (new window) Monday through Thursday, 6 — 9 p.m. The jobs tab, of course, has jobs. Set up search alerts so you can be notified when opportunities matching your interests and geographical preferences pop up.
  3. Create some structure for yourself. This will be a marathon, not a sprint, and this career center job and internship resource (new window) will help you figure out where to start and how to keep going. Students interested in graduate school can read our grad school guide here (new window).
  4. Meet with us. Appointments are available every day this week via Handshake (new window). If you’d prefer, you can fill out this form (new window) to let us know what you need and we’ll be in touch to connect you with an advisor.  You can also join us for a seniors-only Q&A session (new window) next Friday.

We are rooting for you, seniors. Hang in there. Check our homepage for updates or newsletters and be in touch any time at