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February 8, 2022 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor: 

We all fall down sometimes..

I was watching the Olympics this weekend – Women’s Freestyle Snowboarding, to be precise. I was in awe of the bravery of the athletes catapulting themselves into the air at crazy rates of speed… only to completely wipe out! Ouch!  Not sure what you follow, but the course that day was too cold, too fast, too… something. A lot of the athletes – the best at their sport, didn’t complete a successful run, save for those in the top positions. 

That got me thinking. The two times I tried snowboarding, I ended up on my butt most of the day (and barely able to walk for days later), so I definitely admire their prowess and athleticism. As I was watching, even for the cringeworthy moments, I was inspired. The perfection combined with real errors made me feel better about my own mistakes. Because, we all make them. And what is more is the community the competitors had with one another. The high fives, the hugs, the consolations. Even when the stakes are so high. Granted, things are likely different when the cameras are off, but there is a lot to take away. 

  1. Even the best fall down sometimes
  2. You give it your all, and shrug off the rest
  3. Surround yourself with a community that supports you – even when (and especially if) you mess up

So much of this is true for careers and as you move through college and life. While we all see the polished side of one another – the perfection – the truth is that we all take our falls and hits along the way. Maybe the past week has been rough, or maybe you haven’t gotten that longed-for job or internship. It will be ok. You pick yourself up, shrug, and keep on moving to the next right thing. 

Until then, stay warm #Hoyas!
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Have a great week!

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