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March 29, 2022 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

Emailed: 03/29/2022

From the Advisor: Don’t Let the “Itty, Bitty, S$%@ty Committee” Get you down
“Wait… what was that?” At least, was my expression when Georgetown Professor, Eric de Nijs, first said the saying above. “You heard me… don’t let the itty, bitty, S$%@ty committee get you down!” 

So what is the IBSC? Truth is… we all have one. Perhaps, seniors, it’s the voices you hear, “You don’t have a job yet. What a failure. All your friends have jobs… you went to Georgetown for what?!?! What are you going to do!? You have bills to pay!”  Maybe for you underclasspersons, it’s more along the lines of, “OMG you’ve been learning virtually for two years – what do you mean you DON’T HAVE AN INTERNSHIP ON YOUR RESUME?? Gah! Everyone else does. Who is ever going to take you seriously if you didn’t have an amazing study abroad experience in the middle of a global pandemic.” 

You get it – the IBSC is that group of voices that try to bring us down. Maybe they sound like people in your life who have tried to bring you down – that constant voice of criticism. Or maybe, it sounds like yourself. Right now, all I gotta say is you have to tell that IBSC to take a hike and get out of your way. 

Easier said than done, though, amiright? The thing is sometimes just acknowledging on paper, to a mentor, professor or friend all of the negative things you tell yourself is the biggest first step. When we name these fears out loud, it kinda makes them seem smaller. And then, you can focus on all the things you *are* amazing at – or at least recognize that, sometimes, life looks a little different than what you had imagined. 

When job hunting, recruiters can often tell when you are listening to that IBSC – and I’m not talking about taking an honest look at what you are and aren’t good at… Practicing your story, and showing, through application documents, what a great fit you will be for a role, is a great way to demonstrate confidence. And even if it doesn’t get you the job – well – just don’t let that add to your IBSC. Get out there again (come see me) and try again. 

In the meantime, be sure to check out all the AMAZING events we have, and the plethora of job and internship opportunities. 

All the best 

Please note that this is a sampling of jobs and internships with approaching application deadlines. Go to Handshake to see the complete list.

Please note that this is a sampling of jobs and internships with approaching application deadlines. Go to Handshake to see the complete list.

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The CIA Is Trying to Recruit Gen Z—and Doesn’t Care If They’re All Over Social Media
This recent article from the Washingtonian goes into quite a bit of detail about the intelligence community, and how it looks to recruit and retain talent – like all of you! It goes into some detail about things you may have heard (i.e. you cannot have a social media presence), and how changing laws around various security background processes are slowly changing… and often in your favor. 

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