Employer Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Georgetown have an employer sponsorship program and how are the funds used? 
The Cawley Career Education Center, which serves all undergraduate students and many graduate students, instituted an employer sponsorship program to help meet the needs of students in an ever-changing job and internship landscape. Sponsorship enables us to offer students valuable programs such as niche career fairs, networking events, interview preparation, and on-line resources. Additionally, sponsorship helps us to continually train staff in career services best practices to serve students and employers in a manner that is consistent with the top-notch education offered at Georgetown University.

What are the primary differences between the Sponsorship Levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver)?
Platinum, gold, and silver-level-A sponsorships offer employers priority reservations for on-campus interviewing and presentation date selection. Preference is given based on your sponsorship level, with platinum sponsors receiving the highest priority.

ALL levels offer employers enhanced marketing through the use of your logo (and a corresponding link) on the student portal of Hoya Career Connection – the career management system that houses on-campus interview opportunities, job and internship postings, and employer events for Georgetown students. The length of marketing is based on level:
• Platinum – one academic year
• Gold – two months of the employer’s choosing
• Silver – one month of the employer’s choosing

Silver-level sponsorship offers the most versatility with 3 variations – levels A, B, and C. It is intended for employers who may or may not recruit through on-campus interviews but are committed to maintaining or building your brand at Georgetown.  Level A is for employers who plan to conduct on-campus interviews; Levels B and C are for employers who do not plan to conduct on-campus interviews, but who want enhanced student outreach.  Level C is exclusively for non-profit organizations, government, and graduate/professional schools.

What is the profile of an employer that would be a good “fit” to participate? 
There are several categories of employers that are the best “fit”:
•    Employers who conduct on-campus interviews 
•    Employers who host information sessions or participate in career fairs
•    Employers who post job or internship opportunities
•    Employers who want to increase their visibility with Georgetown students

Regardless of the level of an employer’s current engagement on campus, sponsorship is an employer’s commitment to maintaining and building brand and supporting career education at Georgetown University.

What statistics support Georgetown student usage of Hoya Career Connection? 
During an academic year, Hoya Career Connection connects students with approximately:

  • 15,000 job and internship postings across 50 industries
  • 3,400 on-campus interviews
  • 250 employer events
  • 120 career center workshops
  • Hoya Career Connection logins: 104,789 (September 2015- April 2016)

What services (marketing, advertising, other) will be provided if an employer recruits at Georgetown but does not participate in the Employer Sponsorship Program? 
All opportunities posted on Hoya Career Connection have the potential to reach over 45,000 students and alumni representing a range of career interests. On-campus interviews and events hosted through the Cawley Career Education Center are automatically included in our Hoya Career Connection calendar and may be included in our weekly email newsletter—space permitting. Our professional industry advisors regularly monitor Hoya Career Connection for new postings and events, and refer students to these opportunities based their students’ career goals.