Industry Resources

Resources for learning about industries, searching for jobs and internships in the industry you're interested in, and more.


Learn what accountants do and where they do it. 


An introduction to the field of consulting.


Learn about careers in the field education.


Learn about entrepreneurship, what it is, how to find a job or internship at a startup, and what resources are available to you to help you learn more.

Health and Science

Learn about careers in fields related to health care and the sciences. If you are interested in global health, nursing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and more, we have resources to help you start your career search. 

Graduate Nursing Resources

Resources for graduate nursing students to prepare for the job search and find jobs in the field.

Government Careers

Resources to help you pursue an internship, job, or career in government service.

Marketing & the Creative Fields

Learn about careers in marketing, advertising, public relations, journalism, entertainment, the visual arts and more. 


A quick primer to technology jobs and the technology industry.