Future Leaders in Technology (FLITE) Program

The Future Leaders in Technology (FLITE) program is a program for GU undergraduate students to gain a 6-to-10 week paid summer internship experience in the tech sector. 

Students will have a paid summer internship at a technology company in one of three locations: Silicon Valley, New York City, or Washington, DC. Past internships have been in various functional areas, including data analytics, sales operations, business development, human resources, social media marketing, customer experience, market research, and software engineering. FLITE provides you with monetary assistance for travel, housing, and incidental costs, in addition to the earnings you will receive from the company hosting the internship. The GU Tech Alliance typically provides mentoring opportunities during the internship period.  Application typically requires a standard resume and cover letter.

General Timeline

March: Employers post summer internship positions

Early April: Students apply to internships

Mid-to-end of April: Employers interview students and make hiring decisions

June: Internships begin

Former FLITE Participant Testimonials 

“As someone who enjoys working at early stage startups that probably cannot afford financial support for their interns’ housing, FLITE allowed me to work at such a company while still making it financially viable for me to live in San Francisco. I was so grateful for the opportunity to live in the heart of the city and have the access to so many tech companies, events, and people working in tech. FLITE also helped me learn about the GU Tech Alliance and introduce me to a network of Georgetown alumni working in tech – and this community seems eager to encourage more Hoyas into the industry! This was comforting to know for my upcoming full-time job search.”

Karissa Prayago (SFS 2019)

“I had an amazing experience being part of the FLITE program. I believe that the program is a great way for Georgetown students, who are interested in technology, to become exposed to some of the most exciting tech companies. Not only did I learn how to use so many important tools and programs, but I was also able to build my network and meet alumni working in tech.”

Basil Bseiso (MSB 2023)

This program is sponsored by the Georgetown Technology Alliance and Cawley Career Education Center.