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Searching for a job or internship on the Web can be an overwhelming experience because of all the Web sites for job seekers. Web sites can seem impersonal and you may not know whether a job is legitimate or what happens to your application after you press “submit.” To help cut through the online clutter, we have created Hoya Career Connection, a career management system that includes a job and internship database exclusively for Georgetown University students and alumni.

If you see a job or internship on Hoya Career Connection, you can be sure that it has been posted by an employer who is interested in hiring Georgetown students or alumni. In addition, the Career Education Center has approved every position in Hoya Career Connection, so you can be sure it is legitimate. As a result, Hoya Career Connection a great place to begin your search for a job or internship.

Hoya Career Connection

Hoya Career Connection is the Career Education Center’s online career management system that allows you to search for and apply for full-time jobs, internships, fellowships and volunteer career postings for Georgetown University students.

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