While You Are Abroad

Develop your language and intercultural skills by participating in activities outside the classroom. For instance, you could volunteer in your local community or get an internship.

Connect with Georgetown alumni in your host country. Use Georgetown’s Alumni Career Network and Georgetown’s alumni clubs to find and connect with fellow Hoyas. In addition to making friends and mentors, these people might be able to help you find a job or internship in your host country.

Gather contact information for everyone you meet who could expand your professional network or serve as a reference for you in future job and internship searches. Even if you don’t use them for references or networking later, you may want to keep in touch anyway.

Career counseling, employment advising and pre-law advising are available to you while you’re abroad. Our counselors and advisors are available for appointments via telephone, Skype or e-mail. Send us a message at careercenter@georgetown.edu if you would like to schedule an appointment.