When You Return from Studying Abroad

Reflect on your experience living abroad: what you learned and how the experience might impact your career plans. Our career counselors can help you “unpack” what benefits you’ve gained from studying abroad, and what those benefits mean for you and your career goals. Clearly understanding what you learned while abroad will make it easier for you to convey to employers how your experiences will benefit them. We will also work with you to help you figure out how to market your international experience in your job application materials, in interviews, and while networking. [Link here for Optimal Resume and our resume/cover letter samples].

Update your resume while your experiences are fresh in your mind. Including a “relevant coursework” section beneath your study abroad experience might be helpful, if you took specific courses that demonstrate a knowledge base that is relevant to a job you are applying for. If the courses you took were not directly related to a job you are applying for, a brief description of your study abroad experience might be more appropriate than a list of course titles (Example: matriculated directly at university, taking courses in economics, gender studies and advanced German)

Practice telling the story of your international experience and how it is helpful to you as an employee even if the job you are seeking is not international in nature. To do this, you can sign up for a mock interview or use our self-directed mock interview tool to practice marketing your international experience to employers.