Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles

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Mission Statement

In the holistic context of the 21st century, the Cawley Career Education Center at Georgetown University is an organization committed to the Jesuit mission and values of the university — a diverse community dedicated to justice and the common good.

Our priority as the career services body at Georgetown, therefore, is to achieve excellence by building infrastructure that promotes the well-being of all students in our community and celebrates our diversity. We will advocate for the needs of our students, and our partnerships and initiatives will be equitable and inclusive. We will create an environment in which all students feel heard, supported, and empowered in their lifelong career development journey.

Vision Statement

To help all undergraduates embrace a life-long career strategy that promotes meaningful work, experiential learning, and a sense of purpose that positions students for personal success and careers that serve the common good.

“Career Personalis”

We seek to promote career development that is not only truly excellent but distinctly Georgetown — drawing upon our Jesuit identity to understand career decisions in the context of a student’s innate capacities, developing interests and purposeful ambitions. Grounded in the spirit of Career Personalis, Georgetown is committed to meeting students where they are in their career journey. By building an increasingly rich network of touch points and services, we will ensure that students leave Georgetown fully prepared and empowered to take the next step in their career journey.

Personal Formation

Students clarify their questions about careers through intentional exploration, conversations and reflections.

Experiential Learning

Students develop 21st-century skills and explore their interests in a variety of on and off-campus experiences.

Integrated Career Development

Students participate in a campus-wide ecosystem that supports holistic career development through a delivery model that integrates career topics with academic programs.

Employer Engagement

Students seek new opportunities across industry and geographic boundaries and experience interpersonal connection and learning, regardless of their majors or career interests, through expanded relationships with employers and alumni.