Important Recruiting Dates

Continuing Guidance for On-Campus Events

May 6, 2022

All employers and visitors to Georgetown’s campus must comply with the updated visitor policy, which includes the following restrictions:

  • All employers/visitors must show proof of vaccination or attest to having a religious or medical exemption.
  • All employers/visitors must complete an attestation indicating they are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms on the day of the event.
  • All employers/visitors must wear a mask inside all Georgetown buildings and during the event.

Finally, due to space restrictions on campus, all in-person events are restricted to a 25-person student attendance.

If you would like to schedule a recruiting event on campus and are willing to abide by Georgetown’s visitor policy please contact the Cawley Career Education Center’s employer relations team to start planning your event.

Please see below for a list of scheduled virtual events and important dates for employers. We will keep employers updated via email through Handshake with further developments regarding spring recruiting activities. Please be sure your organization’s Handshake staff profile is up-to-date to ensure current points-of-contact are receiving our information!

Reservations for Fall 2022

The Cawley Career Education Center will event requests for fall 2022 events from employers on Tuesday, July 5, 2022. Please email Patrick Denenea to inquire about available dates or submit your date request via Handshake.

Fall 2022 Dates and Events

June 6: Sponsors may request fall interview and info session dates
July 6: All employers may request fall interview and info session dates
July 6: Fall career fair registration begins
August 24: Classes Begin
August 29: Informations sessions begin for both internships and full-time positions
September 5: Labor Day – Georgetown closed
September 1: Fall Finance Fair
September 8: Consulting Niche NightSold Out for 2022
September 12: Recommended start date for full-time position interviews
September 16: Annual Fall Career FairSold Out for 2022
September 20: Recommended start date for summer 2023 internship interviews
October 11: Mid-semester holiday – Georgetown Closed
November 18: Last day for “on-campus” interviews and employer activities
November 23 – 27: Thanksgiving holiday – Georgetown Closed
December 5: Last day of Fall classes

Spring 2023 Dates and Events

January 11: Classes Begin
January 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Georgetown Closed
January 17: Summer 2023 Recruiting Events Begin for all industries
January 19: Financial Services Networking Night (Career Fair)
January 24: Summer 2024 Recruiting Events Begin for Financial Services
January 30: On-Campus Interviews Begin
January 30 – February 3: No Second-Round Interviews
February 17: Government and Non-Profit Career Fair (Registration begins in November, 2022)
February 20: Presidents’ Day – Georgetown Closed
March 3 – 12: Spring Break
April 6 – April 11: Easter Break
April 28: Last Day for On-Campus Recruiting Activities