Important Recruiting Dates

Reservations for Fall 2023

The Cawley Career Education Center will accept event requests for fall 2023 events from employers on Wednesday, July 5. Please email Bryan Jefferson ( to inquire about available dates or submit your date request on Handshake.

Fall 2023 Dates and Events

June 5: Sponsors may request fall interview and info session dates
July 5: All employers may request fall interview and info session dates
July 5: Fall career fair registration begins
August 23: Classes Begin
August 28: Informations sessions begin for both internships and full-time positions
September 4: Labor Day – Georgetown closed
September 8: Annual Career Fair
September 11: Recommended start date for full-time position interviews
September 18: Recommended start date for summer 2024 internship interviews
October 9: Mid-semester holiday — Georgetown closed
November 17: Last day for “on-campus” interviews and employer activities
November 22 – 26: Thanksgiving holiday – Georgetown closed
December 5: Last day of fall classes

Spring 2024 Dates and Events

January 10: Classes begin
January 15: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Georgetown closed
January 16: Summer 2024 Recruiting Events Begin for all industries
January 29: Summer 2025 Recruiting Events Begin**
January 29: On-campus interviews begin
February 9: Government and Non-Profit Career Fair
February 19: Presidents’ Day – Georgetown closed
March 1 – 10: Spring Break
March 27 – April 1: Easter Break
April 26: Last day for on-campus recruiting activities

**For employers whose recruitment needs demand an earlier date, Cawley will consider the first weeks of the semester.