Major & Career Guides

When you’re not sure yet what you want to do, we are here to help you. Explore careers so that you can make informed decisions that are right for you. Learn what others with your major have done before.


Reflect on your values, interests, skills, and the other influences so you can make informed career decisions.


What Can I Do with my Major?

Learn how your Georgetown major can help you develop and see sample internships and jobs for each major.

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Resumes, Cover Letters & More

Tips for creating all your application documents: resumes, cover letters, CVs and more.

Our guide to application documents

Networking Guide

Learn what networking is, why it is so important for your career growth, and get some tips for networking well. 

How to network

Interviewing Guide

The interview is usually the final step in the job search. Learn how to ace yours.

Learn about interviewing

Grad School Guide

Our guide for preparing to for law school

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Cawley’s Industry Guides

Learn the basics of searching for jobs and internships in the industry you’re interested in.

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