Cawley Career Education Center Staff

Susan Campbell

(202) 687-3578 |

Susan joined the Cawley Career Education Center in December 2014. Prior to becoming the center’s director, she was the associate director of employer relations, leading the industry advising and recruiting teams. Before coming to Georgetown, Susan was an independent consultant for an international au pair agency, a nonprofit organization, a concierge medical practice, and a local ensemble group. Prior to that, she held the position of a senior corporate officer of a startup for 14 years and an account marketing representative for IBM for 8 years.

Susan earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration, with a major in marketing, from Miami University and an executive masters of leadership at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University.

Nyisha Alexander

Senior Assistant Director of Operations
(202) 687-1403 |

Nyisha joined the Cawley Career Education Center in August 2023. However, she is no newcomer to higher education, guided by over 15 years’ experience at the University of Houston and the University of Miami. In addition, Nyisha owns and operates a flourishing e-commerce business which she founded in 2018.

Nyisha earned her Bachelor’s of Business Administration in finance from Texas Southern University and Master’s of Science in Human Resource Management from Houston Christian University.

Jacki Banks

Senior Assistant Director, Employer Relations & Industry Advising
(202) 687-0015 |

Jacki has worked in higher education for over 10 years and can count SAIS-JHU, AU College of Law, and GU Law School as past stomping grounds.  Most recently, she worked for The Washington Center, a higher education nonprofit, where she managed internship programs, designed curricula, and delivered professional development workshops. Jacki has conducted hundreds of site visits to area employers, including National Geographic, SiriusXM Radio, Voice of America, and PBS. Her most memorable visit was with Bob Schieffer at CBS News.

Jacki advises students in the creative industries. She has a bachelor’s in American Studies from American University, a diploma in Islamic Studies from the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania. Jacki is a licensed graduate social worker in Washington, D.C.

Justine Chang

Manager, Marketing & Communications

Justine joined the Cawley Career Education Center in 2021. After graduating, Justine worked in marketing for a nonprofit publishing company and communications for the county government.

Patrick Denenea

Manager, Employer Relations and Industry Advising – Business
(202) 687-8317 |

Patrick has worked at the Cawley Career Education Center since the beginning of his senior year at Georgetown University. After graduating from Georgetown College in 2017, Patrick joined the Career Center full-time to work in on-campus recruiting.

Dr. Katherine Hurley

Assistant Director, Curricular Integration
(202) 687-6288 |

Dr. Katherine Hurley (she/her/hers) is delighted to serve as part of the Cawley Career Education Center team as Assistant Director of Curricular Integration. She has over a decade of teaching experience, which she brings to this role in partnership and implementation of new and innovative ways to best serve students, faculty, and staff via integration of personal narratives, discernment and other disciplines, as well as by serving as an instructor for the university’s UNXD 1190 courses. As a practicing psychotherapist, Dr. Hurley believes deeply in the power of career- and other types of counseling to help people identify and take actionable steps in the directions of the lives they want to lead. One of her great joys is working directly with students toward feeling self-aware, self-empowered, and self-efficacious in achieving their goals for themselves and their communities. She has a background in and passion for mental health, research and advocacy for the LGBTQ+, autistic, and other marginalized communities. Along with the number of universities for which she has served in teaching and staff roles, Dr. Hurley earned a Ph.D. and M.A. in Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The George Washington University, an M.F.A. in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College, and a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Younga Kim

Assistant Director, Professional Development, Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences
(202) 784-3445 |

Younga joined the Cawley Career Education Center in September 2023. Before joining the center, she worked in various settings including but not limited to private sectors, hospitals, non-profit organizations, and higher education. Younga earned her B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation and B.A. in Psychology from Calvin University and M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Johns Hopkins University. 

Bryan Jefferson

Manager, Recruiting and Leadership Development Programs
(202) 687-6270 |

Bryan joined the Cawley Career Education Center in fall 2022, where he supports undergraduates and student-athletes as the Manager of Career Recruiting & Leadership Programs. Bryan is also the lead events coordinator for employers seeking to hire Georgetown talent as part of their future workforce.

Bryan is also a graduate of the McDonough School of Business, Class of 2017, where he double majored in business management and marketing. While on the Hilltop, Bryan became a staple of Georgetown’s football team’s defense as a defensive tackle. 

Upon graduation, Bryan established his career as a commercial real estate advisor for businesses seeking to expand, retract or renovate their office and retail spaces. As a digital marketing consultant, Bryan has also supported several clients build and manage an online presence via social media, digital marketing and web development.

Andrea Lewis

Pre-Law Advisor
(202) 687-0318 |

Andrea joined the Cawley Career Education Center in March 2023. Before coming to Georgetown, Andrea worked as an associate at a large DC law firm and is admitted to the District of Columbia bar. Prior to law school, she also worked as a college advisor in North Carolina public schools. Andrea earned a Juris Doctor from the Yale Law School and a Bachelor of Arts in international comparative studies and English from Duke University. 

Matt Maples

Assistant Director, Technology and Assessment
(202) 687-8308 |

Matt has worked at the Career Education Center since August 2003. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history from The College of William and Mary in 1998 and a master’s degree in instructional technology from The University of Virginia in December 2000. Before coming to Georgetown, Matt worked as a content developer for an education company.

Dr. Julio Orozco

Associate Director, Career Education & Counseling
(202) 687-3662 |

Dr. Julio A. Orozco has been in the counseling field since 2007 and has worked with diverse communities and in a variety of counseling settings, from maximum security prisons to higher education. His research interests are regarding equity, access, representation, and diversity in marginalized communities, specifically as pertains to educational and vocational choices. Currently Dr. Orozco’s full-time role is the Associate Director of Career Education and Counseling.

For Dr. Orozco, a native Washingtonian, coming back to DC and being part of this amazing Georgetown community through the Cawley Career Education Center has been both a cyclical and linear journey of growth and learning!

Alex Ricciuti

Manager, Outreach and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Initiatives
(202) 687-7394 |

Alex joined the Cawley Career Education Center in August 2022. Before joining the center, he worked as a career advisor at Furman University primarily advising students studying the humanities as well as fine and performing arts. In addition to Alex’s advisor role, he served as a faculty and staff group facilitator for the CREATE (Conversation-Rich Education for Anti-Racist Teaching/Learning Environments) team where he facilitated difficult discussions about institutional racism, implicit bias, and positionality with campus educational professionals. Prior to working at Furman, Alex was North Carolina State University’s career ambassador coordinator where he supervised a team of 30 undergraduate peer mentors tasked with teaching career skills across campus.

Alex earned his bachelor’s degree in history from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a master’s of education in higher education administration from North Carolina State University. 

Elizabeth Schill

Assistant Director for Professional Development, Cawley Career Education Center & SFS Career Center
(202) 687-7121 |

Beth has been at Georgetown since 2017, working with employers and students to find opportunities in the government, nonprofit and education sectors. Before coming to Georgetown, Beth spent over a decade working in federal human capital policy work, first at CEB (now Gartner), then at Deloitte Consulting’s Public Sector Practice, and most recently as a research manager at the Partnership for Public Service. Beth earned a Master of Philosophy in International Development from the University of Cambridge, and a dual bachelor’s in cultural anthropology and social theory from the University of Michigan, and is an ACC Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Jodi Schneiderman

Assistant Director, Employer Relations and Industry Advising, Health, Science, and Technology
(202) 687-3576 |

Jodi is an experienced professional specializing in advising students interested in health, sciences, and technology sectors. With two decades of experience in higher education, she has coached students and alumni with diverse career interests, organized both small and large-scale events, fostered employer relationships, and overseen programs, including Georgetown’s virtual micro-internship program. Before transitioning to higher education, Jodi served as a change management specialist and a therapist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from St. Scholastica, a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from the University of Minnesota Mankato, and an additional master’s degree in community counseling from the University of Northern Colorado.

Yirgealem Tesfu

Office Administrative Manager
(202) 687-3493 |

Yirgealem has worked at Georgetown University for the past twelve years. Prior to coming to the career center, Yirgealem worked for Georgetown University Conference Center, working with customers in a busy environment. She currently works as the receptionist and information specialist at the career center, overseeing front desk workers and handling inquiries about the Center from students and employers. In June 2003, Yirgealem earned a Professional Manager Certificate in the field of leadership development from Georgetown University.