Ways to Engage

1. Course in Career

Teach A Course On Career Readiness and Vocational Discernment

Teach a customized section of UNXD 1190 Personal Narrative and Professional Discernment. The core curriculum of the course is provided and Cawley works with you to tailor modules to your specific discipline. 

2. Career in Course

Integrate Career Readiness and Vocational Discernment Into Your Course 

Facilitate Reflection on the Translation of Academics to “Career Readiness”

Ask students to distill their course learning into 3-5 succinct bullet point statements, focusing on what they might transfer to a new setting, empowering them with a curricular, pre-professional narrative.

Co-host Workshops & Guest Lectures

Bring career conversations into the classroom by requesting from a selection of workshops presented by Cawley’s career counselors during class times.

Conduct “Course and Career” Office Hours at Cawley

Shake things up. Use private offices at the career center to mentor students on the intersections of their academics, values, and interests to the world of work. 

3. Career Brain Trust

Be a founding member of Cawley’s Faculty/Staff Career Advisory Board

Meet 2x/semester to discuss how GU can better serve the career needs of students through academic and co-curricular partnerships. You will receive a $250 stipend.


For more information, please email kh1117@georgetown.edu.