A Letter from Our Assistant Director of Curricular Integration

Hello to our faculty and staff! 

It is an honor to have you with us. We cannot say thank you enough for the mentorship, advice, and support you have given to our students. 

Here at the Cawley Career Education Center we strive to advance the ways in which we support our students and our Georgetown community. We hope to collaborate and partner with each of you in this unified endeavor. 

We can all agree that Georgetown undergraduates acquire broad and deep knowledge through their wide-ranging courses and degrees. However, students often struggle to recognize and articulate the experiences and skills developed in the classroom and how they translate to upper-level coursework, graduate school, service, the world of work, or overall life after Georgetown. As two undergraduate Georgetown seniors recently shared:

“As I near the end of my time at Georgetown, I’m realizing that I don’t have much of a grasp of what my future looks like, or how to translate who I’ve been in the educational system into the rest of the world.”

“I want to take a different path than many of my peers, but I am not sure exactly what that path is or how to articulate that path. When the path ahead is not clear, I am not sure how to bring structure to it.”

This is where, together, you and we come in. As we strive towards more integrated career services, we would welcome the opportunity to craft alongside you more integrated curricula and programs to bridge the gap between academics and the world beyond Georgetown. Matt Pavesich, a former English professor at Georgetown, shared this about his experience working alongside us: 

“My class, the Humanities@Work, focuses on how the humanities impact the world and what pathways are opened for students as a result of their training in the humanities. Once I learned that the Cawley Career Education Center was working with faculty to integrate into classes their distinct modes of personal reflection and storytelling, I knew that they had to be a part of the Humanities@Work. Working with Cawley helped me to accomplish the goals of the course: to help students to think more broadly and more creatively about their personal and professional trajectories.”

I look forward to working with you and towards our vision of curricular integration together.

Katherine Hurley, Ph.D., NCC (she/her)
Assistant Director of Curricular Integration
Cawley Career Education Center