Support Career Development at Georgetown

Please join us in supporting Georgetown’s career development programs, services, and new initiatives. 

You can make an online donation to the Cawley Career Education Center to support undergraduate career development at Georgetown. Thank you for your generosity! Every gift goes a long way. Contact Cawley’s director, Susan Campbell, at with any questions or for directions on how to direct your donation towards a particular Cawley Career Education Center program.

Vision Statement

To help all undergraduates embrace a life-long career strategy that promotes meaningful work, experiential learning, and a sense of purpose that positions students for personal success and careers that serve the common good.

Personal Formation

Provide students with opportunities for reflection and conversation as they explore careers.

Experiential Learning

Facilitate on and off-campus experiences for students to develop 21st-century skills and explore their interests in various settings.

Integrated Career Development

Partner with faculty to integrate career topics with academic programs to create a campus-wide ecosystem that supports holistic career development.

Employer Engagement

Seek new opportunities across industry and geographic boundaries, regardless of students’ majors or career interests, through expanded relationships with employers and alumni.

Our Strategic Priorities

Peer Career Advising Programs

Career support must reach all undergraduates. Your support empowers trained, experienced upperclassmen to share their wisdom and experiences beyond our doors and our business hours.

Learn more about Peer Career Support

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Career Initiatives

Career development must be equitable and inclusive. Your support helps to grow programs and resources for underrepresented students.

Learn more about DEI initiatives

Social Impact Internship Program (SIIP)

Unpaid internships are expensive. Your support makes unpaid internships possible for students who otherwise might not be able to afford them.

Learn more about SIIP

Virtual Immersions and Experiential Work (VIEW)

Students need experience to get experience. Your support enables us to match students with short-term, high-impact projects and alumni mentorship.

Download our 2022 VIEW brochure

Career Treks

Many employers never make it to campus. Your support gives Georgetown undergrads the chance to meet alumni and visit employers in places from Silicon Valley to London.

Learn more about Career Treks

Curriculum Integration

Career development is more than a “center,” it is a campus-wide career ecosystem. Your support will scale our efforts to truly integrate holistic career services with academic and co-curricular programs in all undergraduate schools.

Learn more about curriculum integration