Georgetown University Virtual Immersions & Experiential Work (VIEW) Program

GU Virtual Immersions and Experiential Work

The Georgetown VIEW (Virtual Immersions and Experiential Work) program aims to provide students with opportunities to develop real world, resume-building skills through short-term project work completed in a virtual environment. Georgetown friends and alumni submit part-time projects, up to 50 hours of work across 4-6 weeks, sometimes called ‘micro-internships,’ for students to work on during a set period of time. These projects can be in any functional area (e.g., communications, writing/editing, marketing, research) and in any industry (e.g., business, law, entertainment, public sector).  Stipends, typically around $500, are available for students participating in projects not paid by the alumni project sponsors.

The VIEW program generally takes place in the spring semester with this general timeline.

For January projects:

  • November: alumni and friends of Georgetown submit projects for review and approval
  • December: students apply to projects and students are matched with projects
  • January: project sponsors and students attend orientations; project work begins

To apply, submit a resume and short personal statement answering the questions provided on Handshake. The postings are located on Handshake under the employer “VIEW.”  You may apply apply to up to three projects in each cycle.

VIEW Participant Testimonials

“I have never been in an internship position before where I spent this much time doing actual meaningful work, making this such a valuable experience overall!”

NHS Student, Class of 2021

“I’m really happy Georgetown offered this experience because I think it’s a great way to build professional experience and work on communication in an ‘office’ setting.”

SFS Student, Class of 2023

“I am so grateful for the VIEW experience! It has been a really valuable opportunity for me to get experience within an industry I might not have had access to otherwise…my sponsor and direct project supervisor have been incredible mentors and teachers to me. Over the past month I have been able to strengthen skills I already had as well as gain insight into how the company and the industry work as a whole.”

COL Student, Class of 2022