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October 18, 2022 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From the Advisor: 

MIDTERMS!!! Gah! I can feel the stress permeating the atmosphere (and I am not even on campus this semester!).

To that end, I want to share a funny story about my own experience. I was a freshman at the University of Michigan. I wanted to, like many of you, major in international relations, and so I took one of the required intro-level poli-sci classes: Introduction to World Politics. It was a *huge* (and I mean huge) class, maybe 1000+ students a semester. We were each divided into discussion sections during the week, led by a current graduate student. 

I had landed in an honors section of the class, and eagerly looked forward to discussions – my first foray into *real* international politics discussion. In walked our TA, who immediately began the class by stating that we were in the honors section, and to that end, he was going to be hard on us. He told us he didn’t believe in grade inflation, and that out of the class of 30 or so students, maybe a handful could expect an A. 

Fast forward to midterms, and we had our first writing assignment. I honestly cannot remember the topic, but I knew that I had this! I was going strong!! Imagine, when, to my horror, my paper came back looking as though an animal had bled on it, with a giant D- up at the top. What’s more, the last page of my paper – what I thought was my most brilliant work – had large red ‘x’s’ through the entire page, with the word “FLUFF” marked along it. 

I was gutted. I cried. I mean, it’s been almost 20 years and I remember this incident in detail, if that tells you anything. I recall the TA storming into the room, a grim look on his face, telling us all how if he did nothing else this semester, he was going to teach us to write. The remainder of that class was so hard. I worked my butt off writing, rewriting, editing and more. I took the TA up on the offer to go to office hours, and slowly a healthy respect started to form. I was still angry about that GPA though (no more 4.0 for me – I think I managed a B- overall… but it is probably one of the proudest grades I’ve earned). 

Throughout the rest of my college time, I would still meet with that TA (until he got his PhD), and chat about international politics, my goals, my career aspirations. Beyond college, we stayed in touch and he would even help review pieces I put forward for publication. In short, this TA did what he said he would do. He taught me to write. And I’ve never forgotten his lessons. 

So, imagine my surprise when I started here at Georgetown and discovered that this TA is none other than Professor Noorudin over at SFS. So why do I tell you all this? Only to let you know that grades aren’t everything. You will learn many things in your time here that will help shape you as a person. And you will meet many, many people whose impact you may not know at first – it may take decades before their impact on your life is finally realized. And isn’t that cool? 

So if you flunk a test, or get a D- on a midterm… don’t sweat it. Sure, take a moment to be upset. But then, pick yourself back up and dedicate yourself to the hard task of learning – really learning. In the end, you will not be disappointed. 


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Please note that this is a sampling of jobs and internships with approaching application deadlines. Go to Handshake to see the complete list.

Please note that this is a sampling of jobs and internships with approaching application deadlines. Go to Handshake to see the complete list.

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