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June 14, 2023 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

Government and Non-Profit – Upcoming Events, Opportunities and Resources

From the advisor:


Hey Hoyas! How’s it going. Here we are at the start of June, and I hope you had at least a few days, if not weeks, to chill and relax. Today also marks Flag Day (new window), which in my mind seems to coincide with the real start of summer. Flag Day was also my grandmother’s birthday, so growing up I often remember having the end of school coincide with a big family BBQ outside at my grandparents house. The place would be covered with flags, red, white & blue bunting – the works. It always meant that summer was here. 

So, in addition to eating lots of watermelon (or pick your favorite summer food), what should you be doing with your summer? To be honest, there is no one right or wrong thing to do (or not) do during the summer. But, these months often present you with a unique pace of life, and that can be the opportunity to network and learn more from others about potential career paths. Whether you are here in D.C., or your hometown, the relaxed pace of summer for both you and potential connections makes this an ideal time to connect with folks to learn about potential career paths. Not sure where to start? That is a-ok. As Hoyas, you have access to a fantastic website called HoyaGateway (new window). On it are alums who are there because they want to give back to fellow Hoyas, and share their own career journeys. Be sure to sign up and start browsing the network. 

Come across someone you find interesting? Be sure to reach out to politely ask them for some time to chat about their careers, if they are able. A few tips from some of our alums said that they love hearing from students, but to keep these things in mind. 

  • Try not to come across as too demanding. Time is a commodity, especially for those working. So in agreeing to speak with you for 20-30 minutes, that is time they are not spending with their jobs, families, etc. So be respectful of that. Time moves differently outside of academia. So if you email an alum, wait for a good week or two before reaching back out to them. 
  • Be flexible. It is perfectly fine to give them some time options that work on your end, but always be sure to put in the clause, “If the times I’ve proposed do not work for you, I would be happy to find a time that better fits your schedule.” (or something similar). Remember these folks are doing you a favor (not the other way around). 
  • Do. Not. Ghost. EVER! I’ve heard from some alums some pretty awful stories of students ghosting them. I mean, I think ghosting is just rude in any context, but especially here, it can be a great way to torpedo your career search. This is a small town, so just don’t do it. 
  • Send a thank you note. An email is perfectly fine – and aim to do this within 24-48 hours of the meeting. As with any communication, be sure to be professional and ensure there are no glaring errors. This is not a text, so proper capitalization and punctuation are good. Use of emojis and lots of exclamation points are not. 

As you may notice, we are starting to see hiring pick up for fall semester internships. It is even time to start thinking about Summer 2024 internships for those of you interested in intelligence jobs. And while I am taking some vacation this summer, I am around. Come see me (in person or virtually). 


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Please note that this is a sampling of jobs and internships with approaching application deadlines. Go to Handshake to see the complete list.

Upcoming Events

Please note that this is a sampling of jobs and internships with approaching application deadlines. Go to Handshake to see the complete list.

Jobs and Internships

Please note that this is a sampling of jobs and internships with approaching application deadlines. Go to Handshake to see the complete list.

Other Opportunities

Please note that this is a sampling of opportunities with approaching application deadlines. Go to Handshake to see the complete list.

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