Creative Fields: Early October Edition

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October 1, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From Jacki Banks, Arts, Media & Communication Advisor:

Hello my exhausted friends,

I see so many of you working hard – so hard – to make up for what you perceive as lost time.  Some of you are even falling asleep during appointments. (True story.)

I know there is a general worry that you are behind. That you need to make up for lost time, academically and professionally. Allow me to address the latter.

Last week I attended a NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) Town Hall that addressed recruitment trends.  Knowing that so many of you feel like you lost out on valuable in-person experiences, I asked the employers if that will ultimately limit your job prospects.  

In a word: No.

Was your internship cancelled and, instead, were you offered an educational experience by that same employer? Great. They consider that experience.  Did you do a short-term project or a mini virtual internship? Great. They consider that experience. Did you deliver groceries to neighbors who couldn’t get to the stores themselves? Great. They consider that experience – and a wonderful story of compassion.

Please don’t take on everything you can possibly do to make up for a perceived sense of lost time. You will burn out. (And you might fall asleep during appointments ;-)) Be strategic in the activities, internships, jobs and experiences you take on.  Balance them with rest and play.

We are still learning how The Great Resignation (new window) will impact new graduates, but one thing is for sure: if 41% (new window) to 65% (new window) of U.S. workers are looking for a new job, there will be opportunities for you.  
 Take care, Jacki

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How COVID-19 Exposed Music Industry Fault Lines and What Can be Done

The music industry is one of the creative industries that suffered as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

By Marisa Henderson, senior economist, and Amy Shelver, public information officer, UNCTAD

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