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January 22, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

From Jacki Banks, Arts, Media & Communication Advisor:

Stop! Don’t pass GO; don’t scroll to the “Jobs and Internships” section.


Well, for this issue only, it’s not there.  To use a well-worn proverb: If you give a person a fish, you feed that person for a day. If you teach a person to fish, you feed that person for a lifetime.

As I’ve said before, there are SO many paths into arts, media and communication.  If you rely solely on one resource, you will never know the breadth of opportunities available to you.  

Today, I want to highlight three resources for your job/internship search.  There are more – including the usual suspects: Indeed, Idealist, LinkedIn –  but these three will serve you well. For a start.


If you have not done so already, make sure your profile is complete.  If you have already completed your LinkedIn profile, you will see many similarities, so it’s not exactly reinventing the wheel. It’s just a little time, effort – and spell-checking!  When your profile is complete, select “Settings & Privacy” and decide on the level of privacy you want – or don’t want.  Now, you are ready to search for opportunities! Select “Jobs” and “All Filters.” From there, you are able to search for opportunities in any number of ways: by industry, by employer, by job role – just to name a few.  

I know Handshake is not always a first-stop shop for creatives, but with 12,361 opportunities listed, you really need to give it a look. (These are employers who want Georgetown students after all.)  Just to give you a sense of what’s out there, here are two opportunities I found after doing an industry search for “Movies, TV, Music”: Virtual Publicity Internships, Summer 2021 – WarnerMedia & Peacock Internships – Summer 2021, Remote – NBCUniversal.  


For many students, associations are where professionals live. Guess what? Associations are a great place for you, too.  Many of their resources – including job banks – are free.  That alone is reason enough to use them. Note! Often for a nominal fee, you can join as a student member which gives you access to the membership directory and a host of other benefits – including networking opportunities.  But back to the free stuff.  Let’s focus on the American Marketing Association and the local chapter AMA -DC.

The AMA job board gives you access to employment opportunities and internship opportunities.  You can do a broad search or a more focused search according to keyword, job title, employer and location.  You can also set up a job alert for your job search.  Here is an example of the kind of jobs you will find: Digital Advertising Trafficking Specialist – Bloomberg Media.  When you go to a local chapter’s job board, you will discover the job functions and industries specific to that region. For example, here is an opportunity you can find on DC’s AMA job board that you won’t find on the national job board: International, Digital and Executive Affairs Fellowship – UPS.


Some employers are SO popular they don’t need to do information sessions or actively recruit.  (Yay for them; boo for us.) How do you find their opportunities?  You need to go to them.  Let’s take Disney for example.  If you go to their career page, you can search for opportunities by brand, by program (professional internships) or by career area.  Let’s take the latter and select “Production and Programming.”  From there, we have eight pages to sort through; so let’s get more specific.  In this case, let’s choose “Business.” I see ESPN and select that.  Voila!  There’s an Associate Editor position at ESPN that’s perfect for a new grad. 

– – – – –
There you have it. Three ways to find opportunities in your chosen field.  But don’t stop there. Follow employers on social media and LinkedIn; sign up for relevant newsletters and job alerts; and NETWORK. But I’ll leave that for next time.  Better yet, sign up for How to Network without Losing Your Soul with alumna Abigail Cawley. (Details below.)

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