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November 12, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

Because Data is Fun When it Helps You Find a Job

Dr. Phil Gardner’s Recruiting Trends Survey and Report  comes like an early Christmas present for those of us in the career space.  Most of the time, the report simply confirms our hunches anyway – which is a good thing since we are advising you on current trends and the recruitment landscape.

For those of you with a little time on your hands, click the link and settle in for some not-so-light reading.

For those of you with a little less time, I’ll bullet out some of the survey results I found particularly interesting. 

  • The college labor market proves resilient with a strong rebound…[Employer] outlook for this year is the highest figure reported since the 2008 recession.”
  • “Despite the desire to return to at least some in-person events and interviewing, employers have realized significant cost savings from virtual recruiting…Virtual recruiting is here to stay in some hybrid form. Students need to expect to encounter digital and AI assisted technologies as part of the recruitment process.”
  • Employers…expressed the biggest concern over candidates’ lack of preparedness, level of interest in the position under consideration and lack of flexibility in their expectations.”
  • Candidates [need] to be more proactive by reaching out to organizations they wish to work for…”
  • Employers believe it is critical that candidates find ways to express their adaptability…and candidates should bring the same level of enthusiasm and professional communication to digital events as in-person ones.”

In other words, be flexible and adaptable. Treat virtual events the same way you would treat in-person events. Get comfortable with virtual recruiting; it’s not going anywhere. And, by the way, the job outlook is pretty darn good.

Take care, Jacki

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