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February 24, 2022 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

The Georgetown Law Early Assurance Program (EAP) application season is almost upon us.  The EAP is a unique opportunity for Georgetown juniors to gain early admission to a top law school without having to submit a standardized test score with their applications.  The application period will run from March 1st to April 10th.  It does not entail rolling admissions, so students gain no benefit from submitting their applications earlier in the cycle.  Just get in before the deadline and you’re good.  For more information on the EAP, check out this recording of an information session that was conducted earlier this year by Georgetown Law admissions officers.  In it, they provide helpful insights into the application process and what makes for a strong applicant profile. 

I also want to briefly address law school resumes.  The most important things to keep in mind are that: (1) these are pretty much just professional resumes that can be two pages long; and (2) they should include any and all experience that you believe shows you taking on responsibilities, positively contributing to an organization, and demonstrating skills.  Don’t think you need to overly tailor this thing.  It’s not like applying for a job where you want to curate the resume to address a specific employment opportunity.  Almost anything can be a great resume entry for law school.  And as you’re drafting, make sure you consult both our pre-law and general resume resources.  

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