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December 1, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

As you go into winter break and think about your search for Summer 2022 internships or post-graduate employment, my hope is to provide optimism by sharing hiring projections. Phil Gardner, PhD, with the Collegiate Employment Research Institute surveyed 1,998 employers to understand college-specific recruiting trends of 2020-2021. In short: the college labor market is strong with bachelor’s degree hiring expected to increase 15% from last year.  Gardner states that “employers who sat out last year or (had) lower hiring expectations in the face of uncertainty COVID projected into the economy return eager to hire.

Here are some relevant trends to share:

  • Computer services and software hiring is up 21% from last year. Hiring is also higher for government (50%) and finance and insurance (39%) sectors. 
  • 45% of employers seeking bachelor’s degrees will increase hiring over last year; 28% will decrease the number they expect to hire.
  • Some of the higher demand for major clusters include “all majors,” data analytics/stats, business, and computer science/IT. 
  • Smaller organizations (fewer than 100 employees) and larger organizations (over 500 employees) report the highest level of hiring.
  • Last year, 84% of employers reported that starting salary would remain the same as the previous year.  This year, 47% stated starting salaries would remain the same and 53% reported an increase in starting salaries. This was particularly the case for employers hiring in the health services, social science, and computer science/IT.
  • 82% of employers will employ the same number of internships or more with 36% stating they will increase the number of interns; 46% of employers expect on-site assignments, 28% hybrid, 5% virtual only, and 16% are uncertain.

A few other random tidbits from Gardner’s report:

  • Amazon now employs 11 out of every 153 U.S. workers?! What?!
  • Virtual recruiting is here to stay in some hybrid form. Expect to encounter digital and AI assisted technologies as part of your recruiting process.
  • 50% of employers held 1-5 virtual interviews per hire; the other half required 6+ interviews and 15%  indicated more than 10 interviews (some as many as 20- 30) to arrive at an offer.  Yikes!  Expect an average of 7 interviews to receive a full-time offer.
  • Most employers expect new hires made during the COVID period to remain 3-5 years before seeking new opportunities.

Here are more trend reports:

My hope is this information will inspire you while you work on some of your job search prep during the winter break.  The article below shares tips to help you get started.

All the best,
Jodi Schneiderman |
Assistant Director, Employer Relations and Industry Advising | Health, Science, and Technology

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