Learn what networking is, why it is so important for your career growth, and some recommendations for networking successfully.

What, Who, and Where

Networking, done right, is essential to your career development. Get some ideas about how to network, with whom, and where.

When to Network

A year-by-year guide to building your professional network and using it to develop professionally during your college years.

How to Make Contact and Informational Interviews

Practical tips for finding people to network with, and how to approach them.

Keeping in Touch with Your Network

More practical advice for maintaining professional relationships once you have established them.

Informational Interviews

Recommendations for arranging an informational interview with a professional contact, with lists of questions you might ask them.

Networking with LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to brand yourself, showcase your skills and accomplishments, and build and manage your network. Learn how to use it to your advantage.