Marketing & the Creative Fields

Hoyas with many different types of academic backgrounds go on to successful careers in marketing and the creative fields, such as journalism, advertising, communications and the arts.

What types of jobs are we talking about?

Jobs in the creative sectors of our economy are seeing significant and exciting changes. Social and digital media are reshaping the world of journalism, advertising and publishing. At the same time, technology is expanding opportunities in marketing and communications positions. There are creative positions in the highest levels of Fortune 500 companies and also opportunities to be carved out for creatives on the stage, in nonprofits, or with boutique firms.

First Steps

Learn About the Industry

Read trade magazines, newsletters, and popular websites in your industry area. If you are interested in marketing or other creative careers, you might follow AdWeek, Americans for the Arts, PR Week, Brandweek, Publishers Weekly, and Advertising Age.  

Research the types of positions that are available in those fields. Vault is a good place to start your. Vault guides are available to Georgetown students for free through the career center’s website. You must show not only an interest, but also knowledge about the industry. Care about the business and follow it closely.


Attend employer information sessions on campus and connect with alumni through Hoya Gateway. Connect with the local chapter of popular professional organizations like the American Marketing Association and the American Advertising FederationThe Ad Club of Metropolitan Washington, which is affiliated with the American Advertising Federation, hosts a variety of professional development, educational, and networking events. If the cost of membership is prohibitive, contact leadership and ask if there are sliding scale prices for students. Volunteering for a conference, educational or social event is another great way to connect with leaders in the industry.

Develop a LinkedIn profile that communicates your personal and professional brand. Joining groups related to your industry is a great way to meet new people, find mentors, contacts, and ask questions.

Prepare your Application Materials

Your resume should be one page. Use strong action verbs and focus on your skills and accomplishments to show (not just tell) an employer that you have the required abilities. Be concise. See our resume section for more tips and advice.

Be energetic, intelligent and aware when writing cover letters. Use specific examples to demonstrate your skills and abilities. The purpose of a cover letter is to convince someone to interview you. For more on cover letters, see our cover letter tips.

In the creative industries, you may be required to have a portfolio or “book” of your best work or a website that doubles as your portfolio. You may also be required to have a visual resume, either as a supplement to your traditional resume or as your primary resume.  Be sure to research the application requirements in your industry. Check out Vizualize.Me, Re.Vu, and ResumUP for ideas. Free virtual tools for designing a portfolio include WIX, Jobrary, Behance, Coroflot, FigDig, Glossom, and CrowdSpring.

Get Experience!

Internships enable you to gain valuable professional experience prior to graduation. If you are having a difficult time finding a full-time job after graduation you may also want to consider a post-graduation internship or fellowship, which is quite common in these industries, and often leads to full-time employment.

Joining a school club is another excellent way to learn more about the industry, develop your skills, and get hands-on experience. Georgetown offers a number of opportunities for Hoyas to get involved. Check out the Georgetown Marketing Association (GMA), Georgetown University Art Aficionados, Georgetown Aspiring Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs (GAMBLE), and The Hoya. Or join a group based on a personal interest and develop your professional skills. For example, if you are interested in the field of communication, you could join Georgetown’s chapter of Amnesty International and lead or assist the communication team.

The difference between marketing, advertising, and PR

Many companies have integrated PR/Marketing/Advertising functions and while these areas share a number of similarities, there are significant, differences.

  • Marketing is interested in the market — consumers and demand.
  • Public Relations is interested in relationships — reducing conflict and improving cooperation between the company/organization and its publics.
  • Advertising tells a story to attract attention to a product or service. Advertising is a step in the marketing process.

There is a great deal of overlap among these three areas. This only serves to highlight the way in which these fields are uniquely entwined.  

Industry Resources

Public Relations Society of America  
The largest professional organization for PR professionals (also includes 255 college and university chapters). PRSA focuses on continuing education for members through networking, professional development and publications. Maintains a job bank.

American Marketing Association
Professional organization for marketing professionals. AMA focuses on continuing education for members through networking, professional development and publications. Maintains a directory and job bank.

American Association of Advertising Agencies
The national trade association representing advertising agencies.  Provides roster of members with an agency search that includes a description of the agency; also has a client/brand search tool.  Maintains a job search engine.

American Advertising Federation
Trade association representing advertising professionals.  National network of professional advertising clubs as well as over 200 college- and university-based clubs. 

Council of Public Relations Firms 
Represents over 100 of the leading PR firms.  Provides “find a firm” features with roster of member PR firms by geographic location, size and expertise. Maintains a job bank.

Media Bistro 
One of the best job/internship search engines for marketing, pr, and communications jobs.  Site also includes events, forums, and news postings.

Talent Zoo 
Job search engine for communication/marketing industry.

Extension of PRWeek, a weekly industry trade publication. Site provides news, reviews, profiles, techniques, and fresh research relating to the PR industry. Includes job postings.

Ad Forum 
Includes a search engine to locate agencies by location, client and/or business sector. Site also displays top company website hits, and provides portfolios of select advertising firms.  Includes information on over 18,000 agencies and 50,000 ads.

Weekly magazine covering advertising, marketing and media news

Advertising Age
Weekly magazine covering advertising, marketing, and media.

Market Research 
Comprehensive website on the market research industry. Includes job and internship bank.

Direct Marketing Association 
Leading global trade association of business and nonprofit organizations using and supporting multichannel direct marketing tools and techniques. Great industry news.

Magazine for branding professionals. Find tips on increasing brand loyalty, market analysis and news coverage.

One of the world’s largest communications services groups; many companies are part of the WPP network.  Great way to research companies.

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Creative Industries

Creative careers cover a range of disciplines. Passion, perseverance, and patience are as vital to success as is strategic networking.

Industry Resources


  • Americans for the Arts – Stay updated on local, national, and international arts news.  Also hosts a job bank.
  • Global Museum -Learn about global museum news while searching for an excellent opportunity in the museum industry.
  • Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington – Lists arts and arts administration positions in the Washington DC area.  Also hosts local workshops and professional development events.
  • Idealist – Excellent search engine for job, internships and volunteer opportunities in non-profits, including in the arts.
  • Communication Arts Network – Includes Communications Arts, a trade journal for visual communications, and Creative Hot List, a job search site for creative and design jobs.  Individuals can search for jobs and post resumes and portfolios.
  • Art Deadlines – Newsletter listing deadlines for art awards, shows, festivals, grants etc., includes both a subscription and a free version.
  • New York Foundation for the Arts – Private organization supporting arts organizations and artists in the performing, media, visual and literary arts.  Online classifieds include jobs, events and services.  NYFA also provides grants and other sources of funding, as well as publications for artists (and sources for additional funding and grants).
  • National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture – Non-profit dedicated to independent film and digital arts.
  • American Association of Museums – Association of museums across disciplines representing more than 3,000 sites.  Provides professional resources and job bank as well as some member-only content.  Includes a directory of museums by state or type.
  • Smithsonian Institution Career Center – Job openings, including internships, and career resources for all of the Smithsonian museums.
  • Museum Employment Resource Center – List of museum job openings, links to museum studies programs, as well as museum, historic and architectural preservation and national park links.
  • College Art Association – Job board as well as publications and conferences.
  • Association of Arts Administration Educators – Association of undergraduate and graduate programs in arts administration. List of programs with summary information. Also includes searchable database of theses and dissertation topics.

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Entertainment and Performing Arts
  • Media Bistro -One of the best job/internship search engines for marketing, pr, and communications jobs. It includes events, forums, and news postings
  • Entertainment Careers -Job and internship postings
  • Playbill – Casting call information for Broadway, off-Broadway, regional, national and London jobs
  • Variety Careers – Media and entertainment job site, including job postings, resume database and career advice
  • Backstage Jobs – Casting notices for film, TV and theatre, also includes staff, crew, writing and tech positions
  • Screen Actors Guild – Labor union representing over 120,000 working actors. Learn the basics of what you need to know to become a professional actor.
  • National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture – Non-profit dedicated to independent film and digital arts.
  • Dance Art – Dance Art’s message boards post jobs in the dance world. In addition, the site has numerous discussion boards and other features relevant to the dance community.
  • New York Foundation for the Arts – Private organizations supporting arts organizations and artists in the performing, media, visual and literary arts. Online classifieds include jobs, events and services. NYFA also provides grants and other sources of funding as well as publications for artists (and sources for additional funding and grants).
  • Creative Heads – Jobs in animation and video game design
  • Showbiz jobs – Entertainment and media job posting board.

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  • National Retail Federation – NRF is the world’s largest retail trade association. Excellent resource for jobs.
  • Women’s Wear Daily – Often called the “fashion bible” – WWD is a leading authority for news and trends in the worlds of fashion, beauty and retail.
  • Fashion Group International – FGI is a global, nonprofit, professional organization with 5000 members in the fashion industry including apparel, accessories, beauty and home.
  • Get That Gig – Gig links you directly to various employers in the retail industry that have jobs and internships.  There are also interviews and highlights to learn about different careers and positions.
  • Style Careers – Search engine for jobs and internships specifically in the fashion industry.
  • Style Portfolio – Premier online portfolio resource for the fashion-related industries.
  • Daily Fashion Jobs – Fashion blog with current information, internships, and job postings.  Updated daily.
  • Vault Guide to the Fashion Industry (access Vault through the Career Education Center) – Vault provides an in-depth look at the fashion industry with tips on getting hired and important information to prepare you for your career. Access Vault through the Career Education Center.

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  • Journalism Jobs – Journalism job opportunities, research and updates on the field. Comprehensive site useful for research and locating opportunities
  • Magazine Publishers of America – Job bank for employment in the magazine industry and links to other resources for those in the magazine industry
  • Gannett News Services – Lists jobs available at Gannett
  • Media Bistro – Job listings for media industry including: print, television, radio, online, public relations, and advertising
  • UCSD Career Center – Journalism internships (many in Washington, D.C. Metro area)
  • NYU Journalism – Resources for professional associations, paid internships and fellowships

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  • Book Jobs – Job search and research site of the Association of American Publishers
  • Media Bistro – Job listings for media industry including: print, television, radio, online, public relations, advertising.
  • Talent Zoo – Job search engine for communications and publishing industries.
  • Association of American Publishers – One of the largest professional associations for the publishing field; contains links to member organizations and internship postings among other items of interest to publishers.
  • Publishers Weekly – Trade publication for the publishing industry. Maintains a job board.
  • American Booksellers Association – Trade association for independent book stores.
  • The Children’s Book Council – Trade association for publishers of children’s books.
  • The Association of Educational Publishers – The professional association for publishers of educational materials. Maintains a job board.  
  • Chicago Women in Publishing – Events, news and resources for women in publishing. Some content only available to members.  
  • Magazine Publishers of America – Represents over 240 magazine publishing companies creating more than 1,400 consumer titles. Maintains a job board as well as resources for research and news.
  • Sunoasis – Career resource and information focused on writing and freelance careers.

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