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September 19, 2022 – Business: Upcoming Events, Opportunities, and Resources

Hey Hoyas!

It was great seeing some of you at last Friday’s Career Fair–even when the lighting dimmed in the first hour. Whether or not you met with all your targeted employers at the Fair, it is worth your time to follow-up with your organizations of choice. If you didn’t grab their contact info at the Fair (always worth asking!), you can usually find a recruitment email on the organization’s Handshake profile–e.g. Hilton. Your goal now is to re-introduce yourself and see if you can learn more about specific opportunities or be put in touch with someone who can speak with you.

Btw if you’re considering consulting internships and jobs, Capco and CornerstoneResearch will be holding events in the Cawley Center tonight at 5pm and 7pm, respectively. See you there!

Hoya Saxa,

Patrick Denenea (he/him)
Manager, Employer Relations and Industry Advising
Cawley Career Education Center, Georgetown University

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Resource of the Week:

  • Keep your applications organized! Use an application tracker like t (new window)his Notion template! (new window)
  • If you are a student with a disability, The Lime Network is a great resource for networking opportunities and job postings various business sectors, including Finance, Consulting, and Tech. You can sign-up for their newsletter and updates here

Companies in various sectors have scheduled info sessions and skill-development workshops over the coming weeks.

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