Cawley Insider: Need Help Crafting Your COVID-19 Story?

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September 26, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources

Dear Hoyas,

Over the past few weeks, we have been thrilled to meet with students in person. But throughout our meetings with you, we have heard one question over and over again:

“What did I miss?”

Many students, especially juniors and seniors, feel that by being away from campus throughout the last year and a half, they missed out on recruiting, internships, and career development activities that would have happened had times been “normal.” 

If you are feeling this way, know that you are not alone. The past 18 months have thrown us all for a loop. But keep in mind that while you may feel like you missed out, employers also feel like they have missed out on you. They haven’t been able to connect with students in the way they used to. They haven’t been able to hold events like they used to. They haven’t been able to hire and interview in the same ways they used to. 

We are all in the same, very large boat. 

What this means is that expectations from employers are different from what they used to be. If you missed out on study abroad, a “traditional” internship, or other summer activities, know that it’s ok. You won’t be penalized for not having followed the usual path.


Be prepared to talk about what you did do in a way that shows you were productive with your time. Maybe you took additional classes instead of studying abroad. Maybe you volunteered instead of completing an internship. Maybe you helped take care of your family or helped your siblings with virtual school. Whatever you did, it counts. But it will be up to you to tell your story to employers to show how you solved the problem of traditional opportunities having been taken away.  

Need help crafting your story? Come and see us! Make an appointment on Handshake or come in for a drop-in (Monday – Friday, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.)  

Seniors: Need some inspiration? Here is some advice from recent grads who have been in your shoes. 

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