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November 9, 2021 – Upcoming Events, Opportunities & Resources


Rebecca Yang (new window) (BSFS)
Program Manager, Business Integrity, Facebook

*Rebecca has changed jobs since this submission*
Major: International Politics

What does a typical day or week look like? Currently going through 6-week onboarding. What I know now: I’m on a new, fast-moving, and critical team at Facebook that ensures Facebook remains a safe and trusted platform for users, businesses, and Facebook. 

What surprised you the most when you started working? Workplace culture: Facebook’s workplace culture is incredibly supportive and genuine and this is truly a mission-oriented company. The current negative external perceptions of the company vs. the positive internal experience I’ve had so far are at very much at odds with one another.

What activities did you participate in while attending GU that you found the most valuable and why. DC Schools Project – as a daughter of Chinese immigrants, this served as opportunity to pay it forward and teach and mentor other Chinese immigrants. Carroll Fellows Initiative – taught me how to think critically, intellectually rigorous.

What are the best ways for students to learn more about your industry and/or stay abreast of trends in your industry? Follow tech companies on LinkedIn, read tech blogs and newsletters.  Note: see this webpage (new window) for more ideas.

All the best,
Jodi Schneiderman |
Assistant Director, Employer Relations and Industry Advising | Health, Science, and Technology

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Article of the Week

How to Ask for an Informational Interview Over Email

Source: ResumeWorded

An informational interview is a great way to connect with professionals and gain industry insight from someone already deep in the trenches. Play your cards right, and it could lead to a job referral in the future. This article (new window) discusses how to reach out for an informational interview and provides 7 sample templates and subject lines to use in an email or LinkedIn message.

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